Below is a list of episodes to date with a brief summary of the topics discussed in each.

Federal Election Special (2-Jul-2016): 2016 Australian Federal Election; Is vote-counting rigged?; Scotland independence referendum; Brexit; ‘Economic collapse’ coming?; The ‘alt right’ and Australian independent media; Solutions.

Reunion Special (17-Apr-2016): Port Arthur update; the Panama Papers; Cultural Marxism in Australia; ‘History’, modern society, and knowledge; and the ARP’s past, present, and future.

Episode #50b (20-Sep-2015) [Season Finale – Pt. II]: The beginnings of the ARP; Some of the major stories covered during the season; Various guests who graced us with their presence; ARP’s coverage of the Brisbane G20 and then the ‘Sydney Siege'; The past/present/future of the show.

Episode #50a (20-Sep-2015) [Season Finale – Pt. I]: Second installment of ‘No Jab, No Pay? No Way!’ protests in Brisbane; Change of puppet Prime Minster in Australia; Jetsetting judges; Marriage equality and ‘LGBT’ Doritos; Ann Coulter criticises disproportionate Jewish influence in politics; ‘IS terrorist’ turns out to be usual suspect.

Episode #49 (13-Sep-2015) [Ft. General Maddox]: Australian Tax Office to be given new powers; Big Tobacco uses Big Brother tactics; NewsCorp to increase book publishing and digital real estate; Drowned Syrian boy propaganda and media fakery; Universal vaccine development in the US; Winning the fight against mandatory vaccination.

Episode #48 (6-Sep-2015): The decision handed down for an historic GMO appeal in WA; DailyTelegraph calls for federal mandate of fluoride in Australia; Bank deposit tax scrapped; Murdoch wants more women in work; Brisbane flu propaganda; Northern Rivers mother planning haven for unvaccinated children; Tens of thousands ill after receiving HPV vaccine in Europe; Austria and Hungary agree to take fake refugees.

Episode #47 (30-Aug-2015): More ‘medical breakthroughs'; New report warns more than half of students chasing dying careers; Gold Coast Police review; ‘Operation Fortitude’ shut down by protesters in Melbourne; New Zealand introduces new ‘national security’ provisions; Facebook claims to have reached one billion users.

Episode #46 (23-Aug-2015): Sydney Siege propaganda in overdrive; ‘Environmentalism’ absurdity and hypocrisy; China-Australia Free Trade Agreement propaganda; Murdoch media pushing cultural marxism; Update on Australia’s involvement against ISIS; US rabbis support Iran deal; World Bank critics attacked and jailed; Polls suggest Greeks think Jews have too much power.

Episode #45 (16-Aug-2015): G20 expenses still rising nine months after summit; Public approval of politicians plummeting; ‘No Jab, No Play’ laws to be introduced in Victoria; NSW Farmers Association drinks carbon kool-aid; Parasitism of Australian banks; Australia set to expand bombing of ISIS into Syria; Scotland bans GMO; News Corp selling off education unit; Joe Biden praises Zionist interests; Minority of people support immigration.

Episode #44 (9-Aug-2015): Food companies deceiving consumers; Commonwealth Bank ‘travel card’ meltdown; NSW Police to wear guns in court; Police seek wider powers to ‘tackle ice epidemic’; Blood extraction from infants; Australian census goes online; Anti-same sex marriage ad silenced; A feature piece on Spain’s draconian ‘Gag Laws'; Scientists admit vaccines cause increase in virus strength; New Zealand health worker fired for refusing vaccinations.

Episode #43 (2-Aug-2015) [Ft General Maddox]: Jeep the latest company to be exposed for tax ‘minimisation'; Families spending less money; New South Wales to audit prayers groups amid concerns of ‘violent extremism'; Schools to tackle violence in homes; Child abuse reporting ‘failure'; ‘Anti-bikie’ legislation passes South Australian parliament.

Episode #42 (26-Jul-2015): Yet more ‘terrorism’ nonsense; QLD police given ticket target; Calls to tighten protest laws after Reclaim Australia demonstrations; Australian prisons ‘overflowing'; Peasants forewarned greater tributes necessary; Smart grid: hackers warn ‘smart car’ owners of potential safety risks; Food labeling deception; TPP approaches final negotiations; Lockheed Martin buys new black hawk helicopter; Romania bans ‘holocaust’ skepticism; Jewish politician celebrates German extinction; Wesley Clark calls for internment camps for ‘radical Americans’.

Episode #41 (19-Jul-2015): MH17 anniversary propaganda; Australia tops the world for climate change ‘denial'; Queensland government to eat into employees’ super; Big Four banks face $30b capital shortfall; Tongan man given refugee status for being gay; An update on the Jewish alleged child molester who fled to Israel; 94yo accountant imprisoned for role in ‘holocaust'; Twitter joins global plan to control flow of news; Donald Trump the presidential candidate; Greece sign new bailout deal.

Episode #40 (12-Jul-2015): Police report reveals bribery of NSW judges; The AFP warns ‘war on extremism’ will last generations; Australian police to employ drones for surveillance; Coal Seam Gas and the fight for Liverpool Plains in NSW; Male unemployment on the rise; The aftermath of the Greece referendum; ‘Holocaust survivor’ reparations fraud; Pope Francis calls for a New World Order.

Episode #39 (5-Jul-2015): Queensland Supreme Court judges on leave; Human Rights Commissioner spends $70k; Fairfax axes more regional jobs in South Australia; A feature piece by Lindsay on income tax in Australia; Financial advisor victimised for criticising Jewish MP; ‘Hate speech’ laws trump the First Amendment in the US; Discerning media myths surrounding the Greece referendum; California passes controversial vaccine bill; Denmark vaccination fallout.

Episode #38 (28-Jun-2015): More Sydney Siege propaganda; Australian citizenships to be suspended; Who controls the banks; The housing crisis and debt bubble; Bracket creep and higher taxes; A barrister loses his fight over speeding ticket; Anniversary of the Magna Carta; Skewed reporting of fatal shooting; ‘White privilege’.

Episode #37 (21-Jun-2015): Yet more ant-Nazi propaganda in the corporate media; ‘No jab, no pay, no way’ protests across Australia; Police and corporate media terrorising the public; New ‘superbug’ sensationalism; Banks extort $12 billion in fees from Australians; The dangers of fracking; Scientists predict ‘mass extinction'; Charlestown massacre and interracial crime statistics; Another thoughtcriminal sentenced in France.

Episode #36 (14-Jun-2015): Commercial TV losing viewers; New ‘anti-terror’ legislation; Australian citizenship and multiculturalism; A large donation to cannabis research; Politicians’ perks; Defence Force sex surgery; Is there an incest agenda?; The 2015 Bilderberg conference in Austria; Goldman Sachs looted Libya; Israeli slaughterhouse.

Episode #35 (7-Jun-2015): Medical students at Sydney University caught ‘faking patients'; More ‘medical breakthrough’ propaganda; The Sydney Siege psyop gets even more comical; A discussion on encryption and the future of digital privacy; Smart phones to replace credit cards; More ‘violence against women’ propaganda; The ‘Commonwealth of Australia’ a major donor to the Clinton Foundation; Jewish billionaires’ influence on the 2016 Presidential Election; Israel demand $4.5 billion in US ‘aid'; Elderly German woman persecuted for questioning alleged history; Facial recognition to replace PINs in China.

Episode #34b (31-May-2015): More ‘medical breakthroughs'; Schoolkids to be trained to ‘spot the Jihadi'; Abbott’s war on ‘radicalisation’ and political language in the 21st century; QLD police dropping like flies; Corporate media promoting consumer RFID chips; Moving towards a cashless society; RBA warns borrowers against too much debt; Public backlash against foreign investment finally growing; Pro-Palestinian activists being tracked; Bill Gates predicts a global pandemic in his lifetime; ‘Peace activists’ at the Korean border; Osama Bin Laden labeled a conspiracy theorist.

Episode #34a (24-May-2015): More ‘medical breakthrough’ propaganda in the MSM; Patients not as sick as doctors claim; Brooklyn Evans’ latest lot of vaccinations in Rockhampton; Australian science ‘preparing for a pandemic'; Corporate media duplicitous on child sex abuse; Bikies being used as a scapegoat to demonise encrypted mobile phones; The Greens channeling George Orwell; ‘Anti-semitism’ being used to justify internet censorship; Canadians to be banned from criticising Israel?; British PM’s former strategist admits ‘democracy’ is a sham.

Episode #32 (17-May-2015): The latest ‘child terrorist'; Another ‘medical breakthrough’ to condition the masses; Draconian ‘biosecurity’ legislation; Nurse banned for ‘arms cache'; US Consulate warns of ‘imminent terror’ in Australia; Marxist ABC against reading to children?; Brisbane Airport adopting ‘intelligent’ CCTV technology; More Jewish child sex abuse and coverups; More pro-vaccine propaganda in the MSM; Mexico suspending vaccines due to deaths; David Cameron’s war on people continues; The Vatican recognises the State of Palestine.

Episode #31 (10-May-2015) [Ft. Lucas Cullen]: ‘Mother’s Day Terror’ psyop; Calls for NSW Police to be further militarized to combat ‘terrorism'; More pro-vaccine propaganda in the MSM; China’s Australian property buying spree; ‘Climate Change’ honesty from political adviser; ‘Baltimore Riots’ psyop similarities to French Revolution; Special guest Lucas Cullen from Bitcoin Brisbane discusses all things bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Episode #30 (3-May-2015) [Ft. Lissa Weckert]: Melbourne teenager charged over ‘terror’ plot; Vaccination dangers (lengthy discussion); Part II of John’s feature piece on the ‘Climate Change’ scam; Baltimore ‘riots’.

Episode #29 (26-Apr-2015): Police brutality during the latest wave of ‘anti-terrorism’ raids; The continuous bombardment of pro-vaccine propaganda by The Courier-Mail; ISIS recruiting doctors in the Middle East; University of Queensland offering free courses to combat ‘Climate Change denial'; Part I of John’s feature piece on the ‘Climate Change’ scam; FBI admits to fraudulent science; PayPal to assert ownership of all intellectual property; Elderly SS Sargeant put on ‘holocaust’ trial.

Episode #28 (19-Apr-2015): ‘Global Warming’ and the ‘threat’ to Britain’s fish and chips market; ANZAC Day ‘terror plot’ and subsequent MSM propaganda; Extra troops to be sent to Iraq 3.0 to ‘fight ISIS'; A feature piece on media misconceptions during the mandatory vaccine debate; QLD to trial medial Marijuana; An update on the Trans-Pacific Partnership; Oxford University and the destruction of our language; Germany seeking compensation for Holocaust fraud.

Episode #27 (12-Apr-2015): The latest nonsense from NASA; Plans to introduce mandatory vaccination in Australia; Media ownership laws to be ‘reformed'; More ‘Reclaim Australia’ rallies planned; the Senate inquiry into corporate tax avoidance; Queensland Police receiving 500k in private donations per year; a feature piece on Facebook moving to control all news flow; ‘Boston Bombings’ update.

Episode #26 (5-Apr-2015): Australian families sedating children with Phenergan; ‘Reclaim Australia’ rallies across the country; Pensions and government theft; QLD water fluoridation update; WA opposition promises to ban GMOs; MNCs rorting the Australian tax system; Shopping hours in QLD; British court ruling on BBC foreknowledge of 9/11; the dumbing down of American college graduates; Anti-Islam ads on Philadelphia buses; Indian police using drones.

Episode #25 (29-Mar-2015) [Ft. Tristan]: Superannuation and government theft; ‘Domestic violence’ in the media; Metadata laws passed by the Senate; Gov/media recruiting gamers into the military; Victorian government quotas for women; Steve Marsh and GMO crops; Australian ads ‘too white'; Lindsay’s long-awaited feature piece on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Episode #24 (22-Mar-2015): Metadata legislation (what it is, the dangers, and the path to come); Abbott’s recent comments in the media (including freedom of speech analysis); On-the-spot fingerprinting coming to South Australia; Brisbane City Council’s executive bonuses; Research suggesting low confidence in media and government; An Israeli wanting to ‘nuke’ Germany, the ‘Anti Defamation League’

Episode #23 (15-Mar-2015): The latest on ‘national security’ legislation; QLD G20 police powers extended; more ISIS boogeyman propaganda; judicial oversight in QLD; corporate media and big pharma propaganda; corporate media and vaccination propaganda; Joe Hockey on aged pensions; foreign takeover of Australian resources; the anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s death; free speech and Judaism.

Episode #22 (8-Mar-2015): Tasmania’s ban on fracking; Vaccination information; Victoria’s Ministry of Truth and marijuana; James Packer’s ties to Netanyahu and Israel; Netanyahu’s speech to the US Congress and Zionism; Smart Meters in Canada; the latest on the Boston Bombings; New Zealand spying on neighbours

Episode #21 (1-Mar-2015) [Ft. Tristan]: The Courier Mail’s coverage of vaccines and eugenics; Monarchy and the legality of Australian government; Fluoride in the news; The UN’s admission of Israeli support for Syrian terrorists; War (a feature piece from Lindsay); Organisational infiltration.

Episode #20 (22-Feb-2015) [Ft. Tristan]: The latest MSM propaganda regarding ‘dole-bludging terrorists’ and the power of the news/TV to manipulate public perception; Subsequent announcements of new laws targeting ‘preachers of hate’ and a new Department of Homeland Security here in Australia; The conclusion of David Hicks’ military trial in Cuba; Tony Abbott’s war-mongering agenda; A history of Drones in Australia; Fluoride not helping kids teeth; Update on the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse; Update on the British Vicar banned for questioning Israel’s involvement in 9/11; Israeli PM Netanyahu caught lying to the media

Episode #19 (15-Feb-2015): Samsung Smart TVs and their Orwellian voice recording feature; An update on Tasmania’s anti-protest laws; Melbourne’s corrupt ‘East West Link’ contract; an Update on the Royal commission into Institutional Responses to Sex Abuse; Another Australian ‘terror attack'; Metadata laws and examples of their ineffectiveness; Tony Abbott’s ‘holocaust’ gaffe; Vladamir Putin’s 9/11 comments; Political correctness and legal wills; The Copenhagen ‘shooting’ event; The TransAsia GE235 and the event skeptic community

Episode #18 (8-Feb-2015) [Ft. Zac A]: Tony Abbott’s leadership troubles; Climate Change propaganda from The Courier Mail; An in-depth look at the history of Eugenics in Australia; Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse; Google and Microchips; The TransAsia GE235 event.

Episode #17 (1-Feb-2015) [Ft. Peekay]: Yet another fake ISIS ‘beheading'; the QLD state election results; smartmeters and general state surveillance; freedom of expression vs the Jewish lobby; the Israeli ‘Hackathon'; John’s editorial ‘Enemies of Truth’.

Episode #16 (25-Jan-2015) [Ft. Jeff C]: Censorship and criminalisation of opinion in Australia (specifically with regards to the cases of Brendan O’Connell, Fredrick Toben, and Mike Carlton); the hypocritical destruction of ‘freedom of expression’ in Australia and abroad; and general internet censorship.

Episode #15 (18-Jan-2015) [Ft. Zac A]: Updates on ISIS and the ‘Sydney Siege'; a continued campaign from the Australian government and media concerning religious-based extremism/increased surveillance; tax-payer funded propaganda regarding higher education ‘reforms'; the Swiss National Bank’s sudden de-peg from the Euro; sourcing legitimate information.

Episode #14 (11-Jan-2015) [Ft. Zac A]: Adam Koessler’s recent arrest for the use of medicinal cannabis to treat his child; ‘Sydney Siege’ update (‘hostage shot by police’); more ‘terror raids’ in Australia (minus the terrorists); attempts to ban anti-vacc speaker from Australian shores; broad discussion on the Paris Event incl Aus MSM coverage thereof, evidence that the event was staged, and ‘qui bono’ – who benefits?

Episode #13 (4-Jan-2015) [Ft. Tim O’Hare]: Kaley Cuoco’s comments about feminism; George Brandis’ $1,100 dinner in London; wrap up of the ARP’s extensive analysis of the ‘Sydney Siege'; review of the 2014 Golden Sheeples. Sub-segments on the ‘Siege’ include: Recap of previous episodes; Ongoing media media fear campaign; Final destruction of the ‘sniper’ official story; Gov/msm agenda for 2015 and beyond.

Episode #12 (28-Dec-2014) [‘Sydney Siege’ special – Part II]: Channel 7’s cover story about the ‘sniper'; initial ‘eye witness’ accounts of the event; anti-gun rights propaganda; Ken Johnson (the grinning father); Martin Place and The Matrix. General discussion topics include: Grant Denyer and news actors; surveillance state and gov/media propaganda; ZeeklyTV and Informed Planet; 2014: Year in review.

Episode #11 (21-Dec-2014) [‘Sydney Siege’ special]: A range of topics related to the ‘Sydney Siege': The legislative and recent historical context of events in Australia leading up to the incident; MSM coverage on the day of the ‘Siege'; Other significant events which were drowned out of the MSM by the event; Tessa Kum of the ‘illridewithyou’ hashtag; Inconsistencies of the Official Story.

Episode #10 (14-Dec-2014): Queensland Police and Santos corporate sponsorship; normalising police militarisation; some of the underlying mechanisms associated with the social destruction of society; CIA torture in Guantanamo Bay and David Hicks; the 2 year anniversary of the Sandy Hook hoax.

Episode #9 (7-Dec-2014) [Ft. Raja B]: Larissa Waters’ comments on ‘gendered toys’ and cultural marxism; higher education ‘reforms'; the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement; an update on the Hong Kong ‘democracy’ protests; the release of independent documentary ‘We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook'; Fabian/socialist subversion of Western society; Russia and the NWO; esoteric inquiry.

Episode #8 (30-Nov-2014): Recurring patterns and propaganda from the Courier-Mail; the ongoing struggle to remove fluoride from water supplies in Queensland; QPS shootings and the comparison to related events; George Brandis’ refusal to answer questions in the Senate; the Swiss gold referendum (and Citigroup and the GFC).

Episode #7 (23-Nov-2014): Feminism in education; Alternative Indigenous history; G20 wrap-up; ‘Anti-terror’ legislation; State anti-association legislation; ChAFTA; Iran’s nuclear negotiations; USS Liberty and Israel; False flags in the US.

[NOTE: No regular episode on 16-Nov-2014 due to ARP’s coverage of the Brisbane G20 Summit]

Episode #6 (9-Nov-2014): Tasmanian anti-protest laws; Potential Aus Dept of Homeland Security; Pick-Up Artist deported; Brisbane G20; Ukraine Turmoil (Part 1); Greenspan on gold; US herb legalisation; Canada ‘terror’ (false flag) update.

Episode #5 (2-Nov-2014): ‘Anti-terror’ legislation; TPP in Senate; Lies of WWI on anniversary; Donbass elections; Canada ‘terror’ (false flag) update; Swiss gold referendum.

Episode #4 (26-Oct-2014): Iraq 3.0 update; Ginger Jihadi; Ludlam rap; MSM Nazi propaganda; G20 news; Gough Whitlam and CIA; Putin on USA; Canada ‘terror'; Ebola update.

Episode #3 (19-Oct-2014): ‘Anti-terror’ legislation; MSM Nazi propaganda; East West link (Vic); Uncle Rupert’s Australian; Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP); Hong Kong protests update; Ebola.

Episode #2 (12-Oct-2014): Iraq 3.0 update; Defence Force paycut; ‘Terror’ raids farce; Putin and G20; ‘Anti-terror’ legislation; UN Resolution 2178; Ebola; Gold markets; Hong Kong protests; Udo Ulfkotte and CIA.

Episode #1 (5-Oct-2014): ‘Anti-terror’ legislation; Numan Haider; Joe Hockey; Australia in Iraq 3.0; the Chinese democracy protests; Russia and Syria; David Cameron’s UN speech.