Episode #9 (7-Dec-2014) [Ft. Raja B]

In this special 2.5-hour episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Johnno is joined in the studio by inaugural guest Raja B to discuss Larissa Waters’ comments on ‘gendered toys’ and cultural marxism, higher education ‘reforms’, the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, an update on the Hong Kong ‘democracy’ protests, the release of independent documentary ‘We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook’, Fabian/socialist subversion of Western society, Russia and the NWO, esoteric inquiry and much more.


Introducing Raja – 2:51


1) Larissa Waters on ‘gendered toys’ (incl discussion on cultural marxism) – 7:05
SMH: ‘No Gender December': Greens Senator calls for end to gender-based toys (2-Dec-2014)
YouTube: Senator Larissa Waters discusses No Gender December (2-Dec-2014)

2) Higher education ‘reforms’ – 36:32
SMH: Senate votes down Abbott government’s higher education changes (3-Dec-2014)

3) China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) – 47:09
Link: Press Release by Trade Minister Andrew Robb (17-Nov-2014)
AFR: FIRB restrictions lifted on property (20-Nov-2014)
Australian: Surge in Chinese property buys takes state total to $462m (13-Oct-2014) [Paywall]
DailyTelegraph: Foreign investors face new fee to invest in Aus… (23-Nov-2014)


1) Hong Kong protests [Update] – 1:03:52
ABC: Student leader Joshua Wong calls off hunger strike (6-Dec-2014)
BBC: What happened in the hunger strike? (5-May-2006)

2) ‘We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook’ documentary – 1:09:30
YouTube: We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook (Orig published 30-Nov-2014)
[NOTE: This copy likely to be taken down; web search the title, torrents are available]


1) Fabian/socialist subversion of Western society – 1:25:00
(Topics incl Creature From Jekyll Island, Humans as commodities, modern ‘capitalism’ as socialism, Bolshevist takeover, Cecil Rhodes)

2) Russia vs the NWO? – 1:38:22
(Topics incl Soviet Union, Putin, Quigley/Sutton/Bernays/Butler, ZeroHedge, Orwell, Jewish oligarchs, the New World Order, Syria/Iran/Ukraine, Bandar Bush, Ruble and oil devaluations)

3) Esoteric inquiry – 1:57:14
(Topics incl religion, spirituality, atheism, purpose)

Final thoughts – 2:26:38