Episode #8 (30-Nov-2014)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss recurring patterns and propaganda from the Courier-Mail, the ongoing struggle to remove fluoride from water supplies in Queensland, QPS shootings and the comparison to related events, George Brandis’ refusal to answer questions in the Senate, the Swiss gold referendum and much more.



1) Courier-Mail: An archive of sensationalism – 3:37
[NOTE: To see a list of Courier-Mail front pages, websearch ‘courier mail sneak peek’ and it will be the top listing. This allow you to avoid the paywall]

2) Courier-Mail and the Baden-Clay case – 8:03
Baden-Clay book

3) International Men and Boy’s Day? – 14:00
Internationa lmensday

4) Another council in QLD rejects fluoridation (incl general discussion) – 19:09
Warwick Daily: Council votes to remove fluoride from water (26-Nov-2014)
Resource: Photo of then-Premier Anna Bligh’s fluoride guarantee (15-Oct-2008)
Resource: Fluoridealert.org
YouTube: Firewater – Full length documentary (22-Sep-2011)

5) Queensland Police shootings and militarisation of police – 41:46
Courier-Mail: Police conduct one of their biggest raids across the Gold Coast… (28-Nov-2014)

6) George Brandis refuses to answer questions in the Senate – 56:34
YouTube: Senator Brandis refuses to answer questions on terror laws (25-Nov-2014)
SMH: George Brandis hides his metadata (27-Nov-2014)


1) Swiss gold referendum (incl Aus MSM coverage, Citigroup and the GFC) – 1:10:59
SMH: Swiss gold referendum ‘makes little sense': Citi (28-Nov-2014)
DailyMotion: Inside Job (2010) [Full film, HD quality]
NYT: Citigroup saw no red flags even as it made bolder bets (22-Nov-2008)
WSJ: US agrees to rescue struggling Citigroup (24-Nov-2008)
HuffPo: Not one top Wall Street executive has been convicted of criminal charges related to 2008 crisis (13-Sep-2013)
Reuters: Ameriquest closes, Citigroup buys mortgage assets (1-Sep-2007)

Final thoughts – 1:40:29