Episode #6 (9-Nov-2014)

In this special two-hour, pre-G20 edition of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss further coverage of the G20 from the Courier-Mail, new anti-protest developments from Tasmania, a detailed examination of the G20 Summit in Brisbane & what to expect, Part 1 of an in-depth analysis of the Ukraine turmoil, updates from the US and much more.



1) More Courier-Mail shenanigans – 2:27
Courier Mail: Image of front page ‘G20 Day’ (8-Nov-2014)

2) Tasmanian ‘Anti-Protest’ laws – 5:18
ABC: Anti-protest laws aimed at forestry activists pass Tasmania’s Upper House (27-Jun-2014)
ABC: United Nations experts urge Tasmanian Government to dump anti-protest laws (10-Sep-2014)
ABC: No mandatory jail for protestors who disrupt Tasmanian workplaces (6-Nov-2014)

3) Potential Australian ‘Dept of Homeland Security’ – 9:48
9 News: AFP to lead a new homeland security agency as part of national security overhaul (3-Nov-2015)

4) ‘Pick-Up Artist’ deported from Australia – 14:25
YouTube: Blanc supporter assaulted by ‘feminist’ (6-Nov-2014)
The Age: Protestors scupper pick-up artist Julien Blanc’s Yarra River seminar in Melbourne (7-Nov-2014)
Guardian: US ‘pick-up artist’ Julien Blanc forced to leave Australia after visa cancelled (7-Nov-2014)

5) Brisbane G20 [Feature Piece] (Info and discussion) – 22:01
The Courier Mail: CBD to become Fortress Brisbane for G20 lockdown.. (19-Jan-2013)
Link: G20 (Safety and Security) Bill 2013
Link: Brisbane G20 Summit – Legal Information Brochure by Caxton Legal Centre
Link: G20 Peoples’ Summit – Event Program via BriscanG20
TOTT News: Discussion РWhat to expect at the 2014 G20 Summit in Brisbane (11-Nov-2014)
TOTT News: Exclusive coverage of the 2014 G20 Summit in Brisbane | DETAILS (10-Nov-2014)
[Follow all of TOTT News’ coverage of the G20 Summit at www.TOTTNEWS.com/tag/g20coverage/ and on the ARP YouTube channel]


1) Ukraine Turmoil Part 1 [Feature Piece] – 1:08:53
i) Basic background
General information (population etc) about Ukraine can be obtained from sources like CIA World Factbook.

ii) 2004 Presidential Election and ‘Orange Revolution’
Guardian: US campaign behind turmoil in Ukraine (26-Nov-2004)
WaPo: In Ukraine, homegrown freedom (4-Dec-2004)

iii) 2010 Presidential Election and 2012 Parliamentary Election
BBC: Victor Yanukovych sworn in as Ukraine president (25-Feb-2010)

iv) Late 2012 the geopolitical games heat up
SMH: Putin denies trying to ‘reinvent’ Soviet Union (11-Dec-2012)
Kyiv Post: Russia gives Ukraine cheap gas, $15b in loans (17-Dec-2013)
Kyiv Post: Police violently break up Independence Square protests… (30-Nov-2013)
Kyiv Post: 35 injured, 7 hospitalized after violent dispersal of opposition rally (30-Nov-2013)

v) Blatant attempt at revolution begins
Svoboda’s Press Release: ‘The time has come for a total social and national revolution!’ (1-Dec-2013)
Lutsenko’s statement: Link (in Ukrainian) (1-Dec-2013)
US State Dept: Nuland’s remarks at the US-Ukraine Foundation Conference (13-Dec-2014)
YouTube: Senator John McCain at Maidan in Kyiv, Ukraine (14-Dec-2014)
Guardian: McCain tells Ukraine protestors: ‘We are here to support your just cause’ (16-Dec-2014)
BBC: Ukraine crisis: Transcript of leaked Nuland-Pyatt call (7-Feb-2014)
YouTube: Leaked audio of Nuland-Pyatt call (10-Feb-2014)

vi) ‘Anti-protest’ laws and ‘pro-democracy’ funding
US State Dept: Passage of undemocratic legislation in Ukraine parliament (16-Jan-2014)
Reuters: Ukraine parliament pushes through sweeping anti-protest law (16-Jan-2014)
BBC: Ukraine’s president signs anti-protest bill into law (17-Jan-2014)
Guardian: Ukrainian president approves strict anti-protest laws (18-Jan-2014)

[Note that Part 2 of this feature piece will air at a later date]

2) Alan Greenspan’s comments on gold – 1:49:02
Link: Zerohedge

3) More US states legalise marijuana – 1:54:48
Reuters: Voters give nod to legal marijuana in Alaska, Oregon and Washington D.C. (5-Nov-2014)

4) Canada ‘shooting’ false flag update – 1:55:17
Dolores Flores: Terrific video highlighting the major problems with the official narrative (4-Nov-2014)
FreeRadioRevolution: One of Jeff’s many videos exposing the hoax. Check his channel for more (1-Nov-2014)
OttawaExpositor: Justin’s passionate video immediately following the hoax in his home city (25-Oct-2014)

Final thoughts – 1:55:49