Episode #5 (2-Nov-2014)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss G20 coverage from the Courier-Mail, updates on the Foreign Fighters Bill passing through the Senate, new developments from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement, elections in eastern-Ukraine, new revelations following the Canadian ‘terror attacks’ and much more.



1) G20 propaganda from The Courier Mail2:12
Courier Mail: Link to front page (31-Oct-14)

2) Foreign Fighters Bill passes Senate (Incl general discussion about the apathy of the masses) – 6:13
The Guardian: Foreign fighter measures approved as Senate passes counter-terrorism bill (29-Oct-2014)

3) Update on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement – 38:32
Hansard: Trade and Foreign Investment (Foreign Fighters) Bill 2014 (5-Mar-14)
[Follow ‘Second Reading’ links to see full speeches by various Senators]

4) War commemorations in Albany – 47:41
Archive unavailable


1) Donbass (east-Ukraine) elections – 1:09:49
CBC: Ukraine rebels to hold election despite international outcry (1-Nov-14)
Australian: Election charade to end conflict but split Ukraine (2-Nov-14) [Behind paywall]
YouTube: Leaked Nuland-Pyatt call (10-Feb-14)
GlobalResearch: Hidden agenda behind CIA director Brennan’s trip to Kiev (18-Apr-14)

2) New ‘anti-terror’ legislation introduced in Canada – 1:20:49
Globe and Mail: How Canada’s terror laws could change (1-Nov-14)
Dolores Flores: Terrific video highlighting the major problems with the official narrative (4-Nov-2014)
FreeRadioRevolution: One of Jeff’s many videos exposing the hoax. Check his channel for more (1-Nov-2014)
OttawaExpositor: Justin’s passionate video immediately following the hoax in his home city (25-Oct-2014)

3) Swiss Gold referendum – 1:23:38
Ainslie Bullion report

Final thoughts – 1:33:25