Episode #46 (23-Aug-2015)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss Sydney Siege propaganda in overdrive; ‘Environmentalism’ absurdity and hypocrisy; China-Australia Free Trade Agreement propaganda; Murdoch media pushing cultural marxism; Update on Australia’s involvement against ISIS; US rabbis support Iran deal; World Bank critics attacked and jailed; Polls suggest Greeks think Jews have too much power, and much more.


Intro lulz (Vegemite ban update; New boogeyman same as the old boogeyman) – 3:17
CourierMail page 7: Second shot at Vegemite brew (21-Aug-2015)


1) Sydney siege propaganda overdrive – 10:06
CourierMail page 15: Cafe victims denied cash (22-Aug-2015)
CourierMail page 15: Detective: I believed it was Monis (21-Aug-2015)
CourierMail page 9: Reason killer was free (19-Aug-2015)
CourierMail page 2: Rookie prosecutor set Monis free (18-Aug-2015)
CourierMail page 8: Inquest turns to origin of siege gun (17-Aug-2015)

2) Abbott government to change environment laws – 16:27

3) ‘Environmentalism’ absurdity and hypocrisy – 24:13
CourierMail page 15: Green plea to Premier on balloons (17-Aug-2015)
CourierMail page 37: Wicker-ed way to go (22-Aug-2015)
CourierMail page 17: NASA puts rocket up for manned Mars trip (18-Aug-2015)

4) China Free Trade Agreement propaganda – 36:12
CourierMail page 41: Silly Billy disloyal to workers (22-Aug-2015)
CourierMail page 21: Tony Abbott : Free trade key to Australia’s future (17-Aug-2015)
CourierMail page 11: Free trade with China key to our kids’ future (17-Aug-2015)
CourierMail page 7: Long work week dead worrying (20-Aug-2015)

5) Murdoch pushing blatant cultural marxism – 51:26
CourierMail page 3: New dads urged to stay home (17-Aug-2015)
CourierMail page 4: Why working girls make better mums (16-Aug-2015)

6) Update on Australia’s involvement against IS – 1:01:07


1) US Rabbis support Iran deal – 1:07:35
TimesofIsrael: 340 US rabbis sign letter supporting Iran deal (17-Aug-2015)

2) World Bank critics attacked and jailed – 1:11:59

3) Polls suggest Greeks think Jews have too much power – 1:30:23
WashingtonFreeBeacon: Poll: 85% of Greeks Believe the Jews Have Too Much Power Over Global Finance (30-Jun-2015)

4) Ethan’s ‘honourable mentions’
– 1:44:04

Final thoughts – 1:52:48