Episode #44 (9-Aug-2015)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss food companies deceiving consumers; Commonwealth Bank ‘travel card’ meltdown; NSW Police to wear guns in court; Police seek wider powers to ‘tackle ice epidemic’; Blood extraction from infants; Australian census goes online; Anti-same sex marriage ad silenced; A feature piece on Spain’s draconian ‘Gag Laws'; Scientists admit vaccines cause increase in virus strength; New Zealand health worker fired for refusing vaccinations, and much more.


Intro chat (Vegemite, Indigenous communities) – 2:48


1) Food companies deceiving consumers – 6:23

2) Commonwealth Bank ‘travel card’ meltdown – 14:40
CourierMail page 6: Aussie travelers denied funds in Commonwealth Bank card meltdown (4-Aug-2015)

3) NSW Police to wear guns in court – 18:22
CourierMail page 8: Security fears on rise in courts (4-Aug-2015)

4) Police seek wider powers to ‘tackle ice epidemic’ – 26:22
CourierMail page 11: Cops seek wider strip search law to reveal users (26-Jul-2015)

5) Update on accused police officer – 33:30
CourierMail page 6: Another day on the beat up (8-Aug-2015)

6) Blood extraction from infants
– 40:03
CourierMail page 19: Screening change on right foot (8-Aug-2015)

7) Australian census goes online
– 45:52

8) Anti-same sex marriage ad silenced – 54:25


1) Spain’s draconian ‘Gag Laws’ – 1:01:24

2) Scientists admit vaccines increase virus strength – 1:12:32
ScienceDaily: Some vaccines support evolution of more-virulent viruses (27-Jul-2015)

3) New Zealand health worker fired for refusing vaccinations
– 1:18:27

4) Israeli diplomat wants to maintain German guilt over Holocaust – 1:28:57
GiladAtzmon: Israeli Diplomat: Maintaining German Guilt About The Holocaust Helps Israel (31-Jul-2015)

5) Parallels between wasp pathology and human psychology – 1:39:07
OccidentalObserver: Verbal Venom: Biological Parallels for Western Pathologies (15-Oct-2013)

Final thoughts – 1:53:56