Episode #43 (2-Aug-2015) [Ft. General Maddox]

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay are joined by guest panelist, General Maddox from Real News Australia, as the team discuss: Jeep the latest company to be exposed for tax ‘minimisation'; Families spending less money; New South Wales to audit prayers groups amid concerns of ‘violent extremism'; Schools to tackle violence in homes; Child abuse reporting ‘failure'; ‘Anti-bikie’ legislation passes South Australian parliament, and much more.


Introducing General Lee Maddox – 2:07
Link: Lee Maddox on ConspiracyOz with Mick Raven (7-Mar-2015)

1) Jeep the latest company to be exposed for tax ‘minimisation’ – 31:17
CourierMail page 22: Jeep claims tiny profit on $4.8B sales (31-Jul-2015)

2) Families spending less money
– 37:39
CourierMail page 4: Spending less just to survive (30-Jul-2015)
ABC: Australian household debt has tripled in 25 years, new study finds  (18-Jun-2015)

3) NSW to audit school prayer groups amid concerns of violent extremism – 47:46

4) Schools to tackle violence in homes – 55:57
CourierMail page 13: Schools to tackle violence in home (30-Jul-2015)
SMH: Private vs public schooling (18-Apr-2015)

5) Child abuse reporting ‘failure’ – 1:05:35
CourierMail page 1: Child abuse fail (1-Aug-2015)

6) ‘Anti-bikie’ legislation passes South Australian parliament
– 1:20:34
Link: Jeff Hodges of the No Tolls Party with Mick Raven on ConspiracyOz (26-Jul-2015)

General discussion – 1:32:41

Final thoughts – 1:54:28
Link: Garth from Crazz Files on Renegade  Broadcasting with Kyle Hunt (21-Jun-2015)