Episode #39 (5-Jul-2015)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss Queensland Supreme Court judges on leave; Human Rights Commissioner spends $70k; Fairfax axes more regional jobs in South Australia; A feature piece by Lindsay on income tax in Australia; Financial advisor victimised for criticising Jewish MP; ‘Hate speech’ laws trump the First Amendment in the US; Discerning media myths surrounding the Greece referendum; California passes controversial vaccine bill; Denmark vaccination fallout, and much more.


Intro chat (ISIS propaganda) – 3:11


1) Queensland Supreme Court judges on leave – 7:18
CourierMail page 1: Court out-Top judges on leave as crisis over Carmody rocks judiciary (3-Jul-2015)

2) Human Rights Commissioner spends $70k
– 10:39

3) Fairfax axes more regional reporters – 19:30

4) Income Tax in Australia [Feature] – 28:09
Link: Naked Communist by Cleon Skousen

5) Financial adviser victimised for criticising Jewish MP – 48:15
DailyMailAustralia: Financial adviser who called MP Josh Frydenberg a ‘tinkering Jew’ loses his professional licence over his anti-Semitic Twitter tirade (30-Jun-2015)


1) German opera conductor prosecuted for ‘anti-semitism’ – 59:12
Forward website:Future Berlin Philharmonic Conductor Hit With Anti-Semitism (28-Jun-2015)

2) ‘Hate speech’ laws trump First Amendment – 1:05:39
WashingtonPost: Hate speech prosecution in Montana (4-Jun-2015)

3) Discerning myths regarding the Greece referendum – 1:10:32

4) California passes controversial vaccine bill – 1:33:11

5) Denmark vaccine fallout – 1:45:01
SOTT.Net: Denmark experiences avalanche of girls seeking treatment after HPV vaccinations (23-Jun-2015)

Final thoughts – 1:52:02