Episode #38 (28-Jun-2015)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Johnno and Lindsay discuss more Sydney Siege propaganda; Australian citizenships to be suspended; Who controls the banks; The housing crisis and debt bubble; Bracket creep and higher taxes; A barrister loses his fight over speeding ticket; Anniversary of the Magna Carta; Skewed reporting of fatal shooting; ‘White privilege’, and much more.


Intro lulz – 3:10


1) More Sydney Siege propaganda – 12:04
Courier Mail page 13: Gun-runners in crosshairs (23-Jun-2015)

2) Australian citizenship to be suspended – 14:03

3) Who controls the banks – 28:22
SundayTelegraph: Credit crunch on big banks (21-Jun-2015)

4) Housing crisis and debt bubble – 44:32
CourierMail page 6: RBA warns borrowers about too much debt (19-May-2015)
CourierMail page 60: Home is where the debt bubble is (30-May-2015)
CourierMail page 31 Stop Whining, start saving (30-May-2015)

5) Bracket creep and higher taxes – 59:10
CourierMail page 17: Bracket creep to give a big lift to Budget

6) Barrister loses fight over speeding ticket – 1:10:13
CourierMail page 19: Barrister loses fight on speed camera fine law (24-Jun-2015)


1) Anniversary of Magna Carta – 1:13:25
Telegraph: Magna Carta anniversary: now, finally, we mark the spot where freedom was born (12-Jun-2015)
CourierMail page 62: Standing the test of time (13-Jun-2015)

2) Skewed reporting of fatal shooting – 1:25:58
CourierMail page 19: 10 shot in fatal block party rage (22-Jun-2015)
DemocracyNow: New Town to Newtown (18-Dec-2012)
Link: Fourwinds10.com (last accessed 30-Sep-2015)

3) ‘White privilege’ – 1:32:36

Final thoughts – 1:57:50