Episode #34a (24-May-2015)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss a range of topics including: More ‘medical breakthrough’ propaganda in the MSM; Patients not as sick as doctors claim; Brooklyn Evans’ latest lot of vaccinations in Rockhampton; Australian science ‘preparing for a pandemic'; Corporate media duplicitous on child sex abuse; Bikies being used as a scapegoat to demonise encrypted mobile phones; The Greens channeling George Orwell; ‘Anti-semitism’ being used to justify internet censorship; Canadians to be banned from criticising Israel?; British PM’s former strategist admits ‘democracy’ is a sham, and much more.


Intro chat (Female celebrities, Frank Lowy’s tumble, Jihadi nepotism) – 4:40
The Courier Mail (pg 11): Grey, bald.. Kylie should be so lucky (18-May-2015)
The Courier Mail (pg 13): Here’s how to impress as Sam’s man (22-May-2015)
Link: Helen Smith – Men on Strike via 4Chan (20-Dec-2014)
The Courier Mail (pg 3): Soccer boss in grand header (18-May-2015)
DailyMail: ISIS fighters complain they are not being chosen to blow themselves up on suicide missions because leaders’ friends and family get put to the top of the waiting list (22-May-2015)


1) More ‘medical breakthroughs’ – 22:29
The Courier Mail (pg 16): Take heart from new stem study (19-May-2015)
The Courier Mail (pg 9): Hopes new HIV drug will fight resistance (19-May-2015)

2) Patients not as sick as doctors claim – 31:29
The Courier Mail (pg 13): We are not as sick as docs are telling us (21-May-2015)

3) Update on Rockhampton vaccine victim – 34:21
The Morning Bulletin: Vaccinations not to blame for baby’s ‘no breathing’ reaction (14-Apr-2015)

4) Is Australia ‘preparing for a pandemic’? – 44:19
TOTT News: Australian science prepares for pandemic (27-Jul-2013)

5) Corporate media duplicitous on child sex abuse – 55:04
SMH: Get Cardinal George Pell back here to face the Royal Commission (23-May-2015)
Link: ARP Episode #18 (features segment on RCIIRSA revelations regarding Jewish schools)
Link: ARP Episode #16 (features censorship of criticism of Israel and Judaism)

6) Bikies as scapegoat for anti-encryption propaganda – 1:02:31
Sydney Morning Herald: Are encrypted phones allowing criminals to get away with murder? (24-May-2015)

7) The Greens channeling George Orwell – 1:12:31
TheAus: Grassroots Greens voting on leadership would be destabilising: Ludlam (24-May-2015)

8) Hypocrites claiming ‘freedom is important’ – 1:19:41
The Courier Mail (pg 22): Freedom is important but we must draw the line at intolerance (19-May-2015)
NYPost: Ohio university removes posters for ‘straight pride’ week (24-Apr-2015)


1) ‘Anti-semitism’ used to justify net censorship – 1:27:16
The Jerusalem Post: Government anti-Semitism conference endorses net censorship (14-May-2015)

2) Canadians to be banned from criticising Israel? – 1:38:16
Aljazeera: Law or no law, Canadians better not criticize Israel (18-May-2015)
YouTube: JLB – Canadian government says boycotting Israel is a ‘hate crime’ (13-May-2015)

3) FBI admits mass surveillance is not about ‘stopping terrorism’ – 1:46:13
WashingtonTimes: FBI admits no major cases cracked with Patriot Act snooping powers (21-May-2015)

4) US Senate passes ‘fast track’ bill for Trans-Pacific Partnership – 1:47:51
Russia Today: Senate passes bill granting Obama ‘fast-track’ TPP authority (23-May-2015)

5) British PM’s former strategist admits ‘democracy’ is a sham – 1:51:58
DailyMail: We’re ruled by a cosy elite who all go to the same dinner parties, says former No10 policy guru chief Steve Hilton (18-May-2015)

Final thoughts – 1:58:45