Episode #32 (17-May-2015)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss the latest ‘child terrorist'; Another ‘medical breakthrough’ to condition the masses; Draconian ‘biosecurity’ legislation; Nurse banned for ‘arms cache'; US Consulate warns of ‘imminent terror’ in Australia; Marxist ABC against reading to children?; Brisbane Airport adopting ‘intelligent’ CCTV technology; More Jewish child sex abuse and coverups; More pro-vaccine propaganda in the MSM; Mexico suspending vaccines due to deaths; David Cameron’s war on people continues; The Vatican recognises the State of Palestine, and much more.


Intro chat about another ‘child terrorist’ – 3:43


1) Another ‘medical breakthrough’ – 8:39
Courier Mail (pg 21): Single flu jab for life on the horizon (15-May-2015)

2) New, draconian ‘biosecurity’ laws – 12:08
TOTT News: New Australian law allows forced vaccinations, quarantine or jail to ‘prevent the spread of disease’ (14-May-2015)
YouTube: Aus new laws to ‘fight Ebola’ with forced quarantine and vaccination (14-May-2015)

3) Nurse banned for ‘arms cache’ – 21:14
Courier Mail (pg 10): Nurse cops ban over arms cache (11-May-2015)

4) US consulate warns of ‘imminent terror’ in Australia – 26:47
News.com.au: The US Consulate in Melbourne warns terror attack in Australia is ‘likely’ (15-May-2015)

5) Marxist ABC against reading to children? – 33:24
Courier Mail (pg 4): Why reading is now bad for children (5-May-2015)

6) Brisbane Airport adopting ‘intelligent’ CCTV technology – 38:13
TOTT News: Brisbane Airport develops ‘intelligent’ CCTV technology (11-May-2015)

7) More Jewish child sex abuse and coverups – 45:56
HeraldSun: MP Michael Danby unwittingly helped Jewish principal later accused of molesting children get her visa, court told (7-May-2015)
TheAge: School committee associates flew Adass Israel School principal out of Melbourne, trial told (8-May-2015)
Haaretz: PA urges more than condemnation of Israel’s latest West Bank expansion plans (10-Feb-2015)
Link: ARP Episode #18 (8-Feb-2015)
Link: Spielberg’s Hoax: Last Days of the Big Lie (2012) by Eric Hunt
Link: Promo clip for Adolf Hitler: Greatest Story Never Told (2013) by Dennis Wise
Link: Hellstorm (2015) by Kyle Hunt

8) More vaccine propaganda in the MSM – 1:13:05
Courier Mail (pg 17): Child mumps in low-vaccination area (12-May-2015)
Link: James, younger son of Rupert Murdoch joined Glaxo in 2009 as non-executive director by The Guardian (19-July-2011)


1) Mexico suspends vaccines after deaths – 1:25:46
Courier Mail (pg 19): Vaccines suspended (12-May-2015)

2) David Cameron’s war on people continues – 1:37:32
The Independent: Britain is too tolerant and should interfere more in people’s lives, says David Cameron (13-May-2015)

3) Vatican recognises state of Palestine – 1:50:32
The Independent: Vatican recognises State of Palestine: Does this mean Israel is becoming more isolated on the world stage? (14-May-2015)

Final thoughts – 2:02:18