Episode #31 (10-May-2015) [Ft. Lucas Cullen]

In this special episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss the Mother’s Day ‘terror plot’; Calls for NSW Police to be further militarized to combat ‘terrorism'; More pro-vaccine propaganda in the MSM; China’s Australian property buying spree; ‘Climate Change’ honesty from political adviser; The ‘Baltimore Riots’ and similarities to French Revolution, and much more.

The panel is then joined in the last half hour by inaugural guest, Lucas Cullen from Bitcoin Brisbane to discuss a range of topics including the mechanisms of Bitcoin, positive and negative aspects of digital investment, and the future of cryptocurrency.


Intro chat regarding Mother’s Day ‘terror plot’ – 3:02
HeraldSun: Mother’s Day plot: Lives saved when teenager’s alleged attack foiled (10-May-2015)


1) NSW police to be further militarised – 6:46
Sydney Morning Herald: NSW Police demand bulletproof vests for every officer to deal with terrorist attacks (8-May-2015)

2) More pro-vaccination propaganda – 13:40
Perth Now: Fluvax given to children under-five despite ban, prompting warning by Australia’s chief medical officer (7-May-2015)
Courier Mail page9: VILE TROLL'S BABY BARB: (26- Apr-2015)
Courier Mail page 16:Vax myth exposed as lie:(28-Apr-2015)
Courier Mail page 9:
Anti-vaxxers con kids on cancer jab: (30-Apr-2015)
Courier Mail page 2:
Cervical cancer risk plummets: (1-May-2015)

3) 2015 federal budget propaganda – 31:45
Courier Mail pages 22&23: Budgeting for our future. Scott Morrison: (7-May-2015)

4) China’s Australian property buying spree – 43:28
SMH: China’s $60 billion Australian property splurge (7-May-2015)

5) Climate change honesty from political adviser
– 48:42
TheAge: Climate change a UN-led ruse, says Tony Abbott’s business adviser Maurice Newman (8-May-2015)


1) Jimmy Saville report to be shelved – 58:46
Courier mail page 35: London: A report into Jimmy Savile’s abuse of up to 1000 children at the BBC has been shelved at the request of the police: (3-May-2015)

2) ‘Baltimore Riots’ similarities to French Revolution – 1:08:42
Courier Mail Page 35: Police to face death counts: (3-May-2015)
Link:The book $22.72 +postage ‘The French Revolution by Nesta H Webster
Link: Digital copy ‘The French Revolution by Nesta Webster’


Lucas Cullen from Bitcoin Brisbane discusses all things cryptocurrency – 1:21:45
Link: Interview Segment on ARP Channel
Link: BitcoinBrisbane.com.au
Link: Meetup.com/BrisbaneBitcoin
Link: Lucas Cullen on Channel 10 (Jan 2014)

Final thoughts – 1:57:29