Episode #30 (3-May-2015) [Ft. Lissa Weckert]

In this special episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast – on location from the Sunshine Coast – Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay are joined by special guest, Lissa, who has been a campaigner at the forefront of liberty and justice in Queensland for many years. The panel dedicate the first 90 minutes of the broadcast to discussing the underlying mechanisms associated with vaccine dangers in Australia. This is followed by Part II of John’s feature piece on the ‘Climate Change’ scam and a brief discussion on the Baltimore ‘riots’.


Opening chat – 2:03
Introducing Lissa – 3:14


1) Teenager charged over alleged ‘terror plot’ in Melbourne – 11:48
Courier Mail page 11: Teenager “had 200 weapons in cache: (1-May-2015) Links:http://www.4shared.com/office/L34x_IGEba/Gulag_Archipelago.html


2) In-depth analysis of the dangers of vaccines [feature piece] – 21:13
WA Today: Flu vaccination ban goes national after fever, convulsions in children (22-Apr-2010)
Sydney Morning Herald: Millions given infected polio vaccine (22-Oct-2010)
The Morning Bulletin: Baby boy in hospital after vaccinations (12-Feb-2015)
Link: Known adverse reactions on inserts
Link: Who Should NOT Get Vaccinated with these Vaccines? by the CDC
Link: 86 Research Papers Supporting the Vaccine-Autism Link
Link: 49 Doses of 14 Vaccines Before the Age of 6? by National Vaccine Information Center
[Further links – TBU via Lissa]


1) Part II of John’s feature piece on the ‘Climate Change’ scam – 1:29:00
Forbes: Alarmists are in way over their heads on rising oceans claim (24-Sep-2013)
ABC(US): Full Speech: Obama declares victory (3-Jun-2008)
YouTube: Obama’s Democratic nominee victory speech (3-Jun-2008)

2) Brief look/discussion at the Baltimore ‘riots’ – 1:50:23
Courier Mail page 16: Raging Rampage. Protest killing turns ugly: (27-Apr-2015)
ourier Mail page 17: Baltimore erupts in fury. Police lose control of streets as city plunges into violence: (29-Apr-2015)
ourier Mail page 18: Curfew strikes: A mum hits her son over the head for throwing rocks at police: (30-Apr-2015)
ourier Mail page 25: We won’t go away. Emotions high as protests spread: (1-May-2015)
Links: The French Revolution – Nesta Webster – paperback
The French Reviolution – Nesta Webster – Digital copy

Final thoughts – 1:56:12