Episode #3 (19-Oct-2014)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss further developments regarding the ‘anti-terrorism’ legislation, blatant propaganda pieces by the Courier-Mail, The Australian & Herald Sun, an in-depth analysis of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement, updates on Ebola and much more.



1) Update on ‘anti-terror’ legislation – 1:58
Guardian: Australia’s national security laws are ushering in a reign of terror: David Leyonhjelm (18-Oct-2014)

2) Hitler propaganda in the Courier-Mail – 22:12
Source of original story  High Hitler
Link: The Secret Diaries of Hitler’s Doctor [David Irving]

3) East-West Link (Vic) in Herald Sun – 30:32
Herald Sun: Dole bludging East West link protester tony Murphy’s court challenge cost taxpayers $1.7m (17-Oct-2014)
The Age: Tunnel company Acciona says East West Link project will go ahead (3-Oct-2014)
Crikey: Does this freeway make any sense? (27-Mar-2013)

4) ‘Uni indoctrination’ in The Australian – 37:15
Australian: Uni degrees in indoctrination (13-Oct-2014) [NOTE: Behind paywall]


1) The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – 40:49
BewareTheTPP.com: Eight easily-verifiable facts about the TPP you need to know.
[Page contains numerous links for further reference]

2) Update on ‘pro-democracy’ protests in Hong Kong – 1:07:27
WSJ: Hong Kong police release photographer covering protests (18-Oct-2014)
[NOTE: Article quoted during podcast has disappeared from the internet but is very similar to the one linked above]
SMH: Call for inquiry into clash that felled photographer (11-Sep-2007)

3) The Ebola Scare – 1:15:30
NYT: Before Ebola, new czar handled political crises (17-Oct-2014)
WaPo: Some former lobbyists have key roles in Obama transition (15-Nov-2008)

Final thoughts – 1:26:15