Episode #28 (19-Apr-2015)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss ‘Global Warming’ and the ‘threat’ to Britain’s fish and chips market; ANZAC Day ‘terror plot’ and subsequent MSM propaganda; Extra troops to be sent to Iraq 3.0 to fight ISIS; A feature piece on media misconceptions during the mandatory vaccine debate; QLD to trial medial Marijuana; An update on the Trans-Pacific Partnership; Oxford University and the destruction of our language; Germany seeking compensation for Holocaust fraud and much more.


Intro chat (incl discussion on the ‘end’ of Fish ‘n’ Chips) – 2:49
MSN: Is this the end of fish and chips? Warming seas could spell end of British classic (15-Apr-2015)
CourierMail via PressReader: Freddo Frog cut down to not-so-fun smaller size (17-Apr-2015)


1) ANZAC ‘terror plot’ and MSM coverage – 11:45
HeraldSun: Anzac Day terror plot: Raids in Melbourne’s southeast allegedly foil plan to kill police (19-Apr-2015)

2) ANZAC Day propaganda in The Courier-Mail – 20:47
Courier Mail page 26 & 27: Memories of wars march on' Terry Sweetman: (17-Apr-2015)
Courier Mail page 5: Diggers fly off to war- First troops head to Iraq: (16-Apr-2015)
Surrender of an Empire – Nesta Webster
Behind the Balfour Declaration – John Robert
Iron Curtain over America – John Beaty

3) Australia sends more troops to Iraq 3.0 – 34:48
TheAge: Australia sends 330 extra troops to Iraq, but Tony Abbott won’t rule out future Syria attacks (14-Apr-2015)

4) Feature piece on misconceptions in vaccine debate – 39:26
The Daily Telegraph: No Jab, No Pay reforms – Religious exemptions for vaccination dumped (19-Apr-2015)
NZ Herald: NZ won’t follow Australia with ‘no jab, no pay’ policy (13-Apr-2015)
Sydney Morning Herald: Millions given infected polio vaccine in Australia (22-Oct-2010)
Link: Surveillance of adverse events following immunisation, Australia by Health.gov.au [Statistic reference] (28-Aug-2003)
Link: Misconceptions about vaccines and your rights
Link: Health, human rights and Australia’s foreign policies by Medical Journal of Australia (2004)

5) Zionist propaganda in The Courier Mail – 1:00:30
Courier Mail page 20: Drawn into Obama's Drama' by Rowan Dean: (13-Apr-2015)
Courier mail page 20: Choice is up to Individual: (16-Mar-2015)

6) Sydney Siege in the MSM (incl racism in Australia) – 1:09:43
CourierMail via PressReader: Police sniper wanted to shoot cafe siege gunman (15-Apr-2015)

7) QLD to trial medical marijuana – 1:16:48
Courier Mail: Queensland to trial medical marijuana (19-Apr-2015)

8) ICAC neutered by the High Court in NSW – 1:23:35
Sydney Morning Herald: High Court neuters the ICAC and erodes democracy (15-Apr-2015)


1) An update on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – 1:28:43
NYT: Deal Reached on Fast-Track Authority for Obama on Trade Accord (16-Apr-2015)

2) Oxford University and the destruction of language – 1:37:20
Telegraph: Oxford University Press ban use of pork-related words to avoid offending Muslims (14-Jan-2015)

3) 40% of Germans want closure on Nazi history – 1:45:18
Reuters: After 70 years, over 40% of Germans want closure on Nazi past (15-Apr-2015)

4) Germany seeking compensation for Holocaust fraud – 1:51:36
JewishDailyForward: Germany Seeks Compensation for $57M Holocaust Fraud (17-Apr-2015)

5) Israelis using Arab children on farms in West Bank – 1:58:46
CourierMail via PressReader: Farmers ‘use kid workers’ (14-Apr-2014)

Final thoughts – 2:01:28