Episode #27 (12-Apr-2015)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss the latest nonsense from NASA; Plans to introduce mandatory vaccination in Australia; Media ownership laws to be ‘reformed'; More ‘Reclaim Australia’ rallies planned; the Senate inquiry into corporate tax avoidance; Queensland Police receiving 500k in private donations per year; a feature piece on Facebook moving to control all news flow; ‘Boston Bombings’ update and much more.


Intro chat (incl discussion of latest NASA nonsense) – 2:02
DailyMail: Top NASA scientist claims we are on the verge of meeting extraterrestrials (8-Apr-2015)


1) Federal government mandates vaccinations for welfare – 7:30
News: Greens denounce a regional branch of the party… (9-Apr-2015)
Brisbane Times: Abbott government to announce anti-vaccination parents will lose benefits (11-Apr-2015)

2) Media ownership laws to be ‘reformed’ – 24:04
TheAge: Abbott to meet TV executives over changes to media ownership (12-Apr-2015)
Link: Freepress.net (summary of American media holdings)

3) More ‘Reclaim Australia’ rallies planned – 36:35
Courier Mail page 13: More reclaim rallies in the pipeline : (7-Apr-2015)

4) Senate inquiry into corporate tax avoidance – 41:27
CoolumNews: BHP refuses to answer Senate committee tax questions (11-Apr-2015)

5) Class action against ANZ bank – 47:07
CourierMail via PressReader: Don’t bank on action reaching High Court (9-Apr-2015)
YouTube: Michael Hoffman talks about usury (uploaded 3-Jan-2015)
TOTT News: Australian banks financing companies accused of land grabs, child labour and more (17-Jul-2014)

6) QLD police accept ‘anonymous’ donations – 56:48
ABC: Queensland Police received $475k worth of private donations in 2013-14 financial year (07-Apr-2015)

7) Coles bakery fails fresh test – 1:04:45
DailyTelegraph: Coles slammed with $2.5m fine for claiming bread baked fresh in store (10-Apr-2015)
Link: Riddle of the Jews Success by Theodor Fritsch (hosted at 4shared)


1) Facebook to control news flow – 1:12:10
NY Times: Facebook May Host News Sites’ Content (24-Mar-2015)
Australian National Review: Facebook to slowly control all news flow (29-Mar-2015)
Link: Walkley Media Discussion about influence of social media (August 2012)

2) French comedian Dieudonne sentenced for criticising Jews – 1:30:51
YouTube: French interviewer’s hypocrisy (uploaded 9-Jul-2012)
BBC: Dieudonne guilty of condoning terrorism with Charlie Hebdo comment (18-Mar-2015)
Telegraph: Who is Dieudonne the French comedian on trial for condoning Charlie Hebdo attacks (18-Mar-2015)
NewYorker: The Case of Dieudonné: A French Comedian’s Hate (10-Jan-2014)
YouTube: Dieudonne – The deported Jew (5-Jan-2010)

3) ‘Boston Bombings’ update – 1:55:35
Guardian: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev guilty of Boston Bombing and may face death penalty (9-Apr-2015)

Final thoughts – 2:00:16