Episode #26 (5-Apr-2015)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss Australian families sedating children with Phenergan; ‘Reclaim Australia’ rallies across the country; Pensions and government theft; QLD water fluoridation update; WA opposition promises to ban GMOs; MNCs rorting the Australian tax system; Shopping hours in QLD; British court ruling on BBC foreknowledge of 9/11; the dumbing down of American college graduates; Anti-Islam ads on Philadelphia buses; Indian police using drones, and much more.


Aus families sedating kids with Phenergan – 4:40
TheAge: One in 5 families admits to using sedative drugs, including Phenergan, on their children for a quieter life on road trips (5-Apr-2015)


1) ‘Reclaim Australia’ rallies across the country – 10:31
TheAge: So this is Easter: Melbourne faces off at anti-Islam rally as police on horseback hold factions apart (5-Apr-2015)

2) Pensions and government theft – 25:31
The aged pension-Larry Hannigan
Chronology of superannuation and retirement income in Australia

3) QLD water fluoridation update – 35:10
ABC: Water fluoridation: Councils to retain choice under Palaszczuk (13-Mar-2015)

4) WA state opposition promises to ban GMOs – 41:15
ABC: The Labor Party in Western Australia says the state would transition to a genetically modified free zone… (30-Mar-2015)

5) Government axes National Produce Monitoring System – 45:46
ABC: National Produce Monitoring System… axed by government (18-Mar-2015)

5) Multinational corporations rorting Australian tax system – 49:12
TheAge: Energy company’s $11 billion transfer to Singapore rings tax avoidance alarm bells (4-April-2015)
Guardian: Multinationals are avoiding billions in tax and the Coalition has no clear solution (3-Apr-2015)

6) Shopping hours in QLD – 1:04:17
CourierMail: …Curtis Pitt not open to shop trading changes (1-Apri-2015)
News: Big retailers fear new market power check (1-Apr-2015)
Haaretz: Australian Jews may top Forbes’ rich list, but 20% live on poverty line (2-Jan-2013)
Link: Riddle of the Jews Success by Theodor Fritsch (hosted at 4shared)


1) British court ruling on BBC’s foreknowledge of 9/11 – 1:20:13
GlobalResearch: BBC Foreknowledge of 9/11 Collapse of WTC Building Seven: British Man Won Law Suit against BBC for 9/11 Cover Up (10-Mar-2015)
YouTube: 9/11 Truth vs BCC (uploaded 26-Feb-2015)

2) Dumbing down of US college graduates – 1:37:29
CBS: America’s millenials: Well educated but unskilled (13-Mar-2015)

3) Anti-Islam ads on Philadelphia buses – 1:48:20
TimesOfIndia: Now, drones to be used to disperse mobs in Lucknow (3-April-2015)

4) Drones used by Indian police – 1:55:24
RT.com: ‘Islamic Jew-hatred’ ads with Hitler appear on Philly buses (2-Apr-2015)

Final thoughts – 2:00:25
TheAge: Whether it’s metadata or the ‘war on drugs’, governments are not to be trusted (5-April-2015)