Episode #24 (22-Mar-2015)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay take an in-depth look at Metadata legislation (what it is, the dangers, and the path to come); Abbott’s recent comments in the media (including freedom of speech analysis); On-the-spot fingerprinting coming to South Australia; Brisbane City Council’s executive bonuses; Research suggesting low confidence in media and government; An Israeli wanting to ‘nuke’ Germany, the ‘Anti Defamation League’ and much more.


Opening chitchat – 3:00
‘Jihadi Jake’ is back! (incl discussion on ISIS) – 4:17


1) Tony Abbott rejects Metadata concerns – 11:20
CourierMail via PressReader: PM rejects metadata concerns (19-Mar-2015)

2) Abbott’s recent comments on Goebbels (incl discussion of destruction of language) – 20:39
News: Tony Abbott sparks furore after linking Bill Shorten with Dr Joseph Goebbels in Nazi slur (19-Mar-2015)

3) In-depth feature piece on Metadata – 24:35
SMH: Tony Abbott proves he’s the new Einstein: Metadata bends time (19-Mar-2015)
Yahoo7: Data retention: What is metadata and how will it be defined by new Australia laws? (17-Mar-2015)
TOTT News: Australia – Descending Into Darkness (6-Oct-2014)
DailyTelegraph: Data retention laws pass after last minute concessions protect journalist (19-Mar-2015)
TOTT News: George Brandis says bloggers won’t be covered by Metadata amendments (18-Mar-2015)

4) Abbott’s comments on remote Indigenous communities – 51:52
TheAustralian: Remote communities a lifestyle choice: Tony Abbott (11-Mar-2015)
CourrierMail: If you can’t sacrifice your spiritual connection to the land, who should pay to keep you there? (16-Mar-2015)

5) South Australia to roll out on-the-spot fingerprinting – 1:00:54
TOTT News: South Australia set to expand police fingerprinting powers, forced blood tests (20-Mar-2015)

6) Father dies after road rage incident – 1:10:12
CourierMail: Dad dead after road rage fight… (20-Mar-2015)

7) Queensland City Council executive bonuses – 1:17:04
CourierMail: Opposition slams $2.4m in bonuses for Brisbane City Council (19-Mar-2015)


1) South African penis transplant? – 1:22:43
BBC: South Africans perform first ‘successful’ penis transplant (13-Mar-2015)

2) Research suggests confidence low in media and government – 1:29:55
SaltLakeTribune: Major survey finds record low confidence in government, news media (11-Mar-2015)

3) Israeli wants to nuke Germany – 1:36:55
TimesOfIsrael: Op-Ed calls on Israel to nuke Germany, Iran (11-Mar-2015)

4) ‘Anti-Defamation’ League and ‘white supremacy’ (incl discussion about race and sovereignty) – 1:42:25
ADL: White supremacists target two anti-racist intellectuals (18-Mar-2015)
Link: Kyle Hunt interviews Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio (27-July-2014)
Link: Kyle Hunt interviews Payday Monsanto (22-Feb-2015)

Final thoughts – 1:54:16