Episode #2 (12-Oct-2014)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss the potential implications of Australia’s ‘mission’ in Iraq, Putin at the Brisbane G20, new developments regarding ‘anti-terrorism’ legislation, the United Nations ‘Global Patriot Act’ (Resolution 2178), the Ebola Scare, gold & silver markets and much more.



1) Iraq 3.0, 30 more years? – 2:45
USAToday: Panetta: ’30-year war’ and a leadership test for Obama (6-Oct-2014)

2) Aus Defence Force paycut – 5:50
SMH: Defence Force personnel must give up leave in return for below inflation wage offer (10-Oct-2014)

3) ‘Terror raids’ update – 9:30
SMH: Sword removed in counter-terrorism raids a common plastic decoration, owner reveals (7-Oct-2014)

4) Putin and the G20 – 11:33
ABC: G20: Australian economic leaders don’t care if Putin comes (originally published 19-Aug-2014)
ABC: Russian president Vladimir Putin to attend Brisbane G20 summit, Treasurer Joe hockey confirms (12-Oct-2014)
SMH: Bill Shorten says Putin should show ‘conscience’ and not come to G20 summit in Australia (13-Oct-2014)

5) Update on ‘anti-terror’ legislation – 13:45
[Note: Amendments to proposed Foreign Fighters Bill taken directly from live Senate debates. See below an article detailing the government’s acceptance of the changes]
Sky News: Govt accepts changes to foreign fighters bill (22-Oct-2014)


1) UN Resolution 2178 – 24:44
BBC: UNSC Resolution 2178 – How easily can it be enforced? (26-Sept-2014)
YouTube: Did The UN Just Pass The Global Patriot Act? (1-Oct-2014)
Link: UN Resolution 2178 [Direct Link]

2) The Ebola Scare – 33:16
WaPo: Ebola joke rattles passengers on US Airways flight to Dominican Republic (10-Oct-2014)
Governor.ct.gov: Declaration of public health emergency (7-Oct-2014)
CDC.gov: Legal authorities for isolation and quarantine (version cited ‘updated 8-Oct-2014′)
WaPo: Connecticut health department gets power to quarantine possible Ebola victims (7-Oct-2014)

3) Gold markets and the economy – 56:38
[TBU – Lindsay]

4) ‘Pro-democracy’ protests in Hong Kong – 1:09:19
RT: Hong Kong’s ‘Semi-Autonomous Democracy’ is still a leap forward (30-Oct-2014)
[NOTE: Article originally published as ‘Hong Kong rally protest violence’ on 2-Oct-2014; maintains passage on stipulations regarding 2017 election as per original]
Australian: China slams ‘foreign interference’ in Hong Kong (12-Oct-2014)
GlobalResearch: NGOs: The missionaries of empire (3-Mar-2012)

5) Udo Ulfkotte and the CIA – 1:19:15
YouTube: Whistleblower Dr Udo Ulfkotte, journalist interviewed on RT (7-Oct-2014)

Final thoughts – 1:26:50