Episode #17 (1-Feb-2015) [Ft. Peekay]

In this special 2-hour episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss yet another fake ISIS ‘beheading'; the QLD state election results; Smartmeters and general state surveillance; freedom of expression vs the Jewish lobby; the Israeli ‘Hackathon'; John’s editorial ‘Enemies of Truth’. The panel are then joined by legendary Australian YouTuber Peter K (aka Peekay22) for a general discussion on all things truth.


Yet another fake ISIS ‘beheading’ – 2:51


1) QLD state election results – 5:23
ABC: 2015 QLD election: Labor set to pull off stunning victory (1-Feb-2015)

2) Smartmeters and general state surveillance – 17:36
RT: EU police want ‘remote kill switch’ on every car (30-Jan-2014)
JimStone: Full remote control of all all modern US market cars proven (21-June-2013)
AFR: Intel chips could let Us spies inside: expert (30-Jul-2013)
Link: Books by Zbigniew Brzezinski on Balder Ex-Libris
Link: Patrick Wood on ‘Technocracy’ (2011)
TOTT News: Erosion of Privacy in Australia – Basic facts you need to know (23-Jan-2014)
TOTT News: Australia – Descending into Darkness (6-Oct-2014)
FreeRadioRevolution: RFID chip alert! (30-Jan-2015)

3) Freedom of expression vs the Jewish lobby – 38:11
Loveforlife: NSW Jewish Board of Deputies has threatened to shut down the love for life website Part 1 (30-Jan-2009)
Loveforlife: Jewish Board of Deputies has threatened to shut down the love for life website Part 2 (30-Jan-2009)


1) Israeli ‘Hackathon’ – 44:40
MiddleEastMonitor: Israeli think-tank holds anti-BDS ‘hackathon’ (16-Jan-2015)
Link: Metapedia.org

2) John’s editorial: ‘Enemies of Truth’ – 54:00
BBC: Vicar’s 9/11 Facebook post investigated by Church (30-Jan-2015)
Wikispooks: 9/11: Israel did it (last accessed 1-Feb-2015)
NYPost: Israel blackmailed Bill with Monica tapes, spy hunt ended after Mossad bugged Prez sex chats: Book (3-March-1999)
TheWire: Some Newly Uncovered Nixon Comments on the Subjects of Jews and Black People (21-Aug-2014)
WaPo: New tapes reveals depths of Nixon’s anti-semitism (6-Oct-1999)

Introducing Peter K (aka Peekay22) – 1:23:10
Links to YouTube channels: Pee Kay, Mr79sav, John Smith

Final thoughts – 1:55:37