Episode #13 (4-Jan-2015) [Ft. Tim O’Hare]

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable, Ethan and Johnno are joined by special guest,┬áTim O’Hare from Politics Laid Bare w/ Tim O’Hare, as the trio discuss Kaley Cuoco’s comments about feminism; George Brandis’ $1,100 dinner in London; wrap up the ARP’s extensive analysis of the ‘Sydney Siege'; and review the 2014 Golden Sheeples. Sub-segments on the ‘Siege’ include: Recap of previous episodes; Ongoing media media fear campaign; Final destruction of the ‘sniper’ official story; Gov/MSM agenda for 2015 and beyond.


Introducing Tim O – 3:11

Intro chat about Kaley Cuoco’s comments on feminism – 10:59
CourierMail: Kaley Cuoco: Why I’m not a feminist (1-Jan-2015)


2) George Brandis’ $1100 dinners – 18:39
The Guardian: George Brandis criticised for ‘obscene’ $1100 taxpayer-funded dinner (29-Dec-2014)


1) Recap of previous episodes – 26:18

2) Recent media coverage – 34:00
Link: Recent photo of designer clothes-wearing ‘Monis’ (precise date unknown)
Link: Font page of Herald Sun ‘NO LONE WOLF’ (2-Jan-2015)
Link: Pages 4-5 of ‘NO LONE WOLF’ edition of Herald Sun (2-Jan-2015)
Robert Lindsay: Wikipedia, Ziopedia or Judeopedia? (4-June-2009)

3) Final destruction of the ‘sniper’ official story – 43:20
Link: Effects of commercial tempered glass on rifle bullet deflection by Henri C Lambert (August 1994)
Yahoo7: The reason the snipers didn’t shoot (17-Dec-2014)
2GB: Ray Hadley interview with Andrew Scipione (20-Dec-2014)

4) Gov/MSM agenda for 2015 and beyond – 1:09:14


1) Review of the 2014 Golden Sheeples – 1:25:44
WDIL: Golden Sheeples Awards New Year Bash (31-Dec-2014/1-Jan-2015)
Link: Hoaxipedia.com

Final thoughts – 1:27:16