Episode #12 (28-Dec-2014) [‘Sydney Siege’ Special – Part II]

In this special 2-hour episode of the Australian Roundtable, Ethan and Johnno continue their discussion about the ‘Sydney Siege’ and look back on the year of 2014. Sub-segments on the ‘Siege’ include: Channel 7’s cover story about the ‘sniper'; initial ‘eye witness’ accounts of the event; anti-gun rights propaganda; Ken Johnson (the grinning father); Martin Place and The Matrix. General discussion topics include: Grant Denyer and news actors; surveillance state and gov/media propaganda; ZeeklyTV and Informed Planet; 2014: Year in review.


Into chat about Gogglebox – 2:06


1) Channel 7’s cover story regarding the ‘sniper’ – 6:30
Yahoo7: The reason the snipers didn’t shoot (17-Dec-2014)

2) Initial ‘eye witness’ accounts of the ‘siege’ – 14:15
YouTube: Bruno interview (15-Dec-2014)
[Note: This appears to be the best copy currently available on the net. It does not include the question about whether or not the ‘gunman’ had guns.]
Morning Show: First coverage of incident (15-Dec-2014)
ABC: Kathryn Chee interview (15-Dec-2014)

3) Anti-gun rights propaganda – 26:23
Yahoo7: Social media backlash over Leyonhjelm’s comments (18-Dec-2014)
YouTube: Short clip about Asch experiments (Date unknown)

4) Ken Johnson (the grinning father) – 48:30
Yahoo7: Victims family visits memorial (17-Dec-2014)
Yahoo7: Country mourns siege victims (19-Dec-2014)

5) Martin Place and The Matrix – 58:44
YouTube: Red Dress scene from The Matrix (1999)
YouTube: Dutchsinse video about The Matrix connection (16-dec-2014)


1) Grant Denyer and news actors
CourierMail: Grant Denyer had close encounter with Sydney Siege gunman (27-Dec-2014)

2) Surveillance state and government/media propaganda – 1:22:20
Yahoo7: High tech security camera trial (19-Dec-2014)

3) ZeeklyTV and Informed Planet – 1:39:53
Link: ZeeklyTV
MaxResistance: Episode featuring Jeff Sisk of ZeeklyTV (23-Dec-2014)
Link: InformedPlanet.org

4) 2014: Year in review and final thoughts – 1:50:56