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18 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Ross

    I have listened to all your shows and you are all doing a great job. Johno & Ethan, your level of understanding of how things work in this world is outstanding for your age group…well done. Lindsey, you are on the right track with your “Elders” analysis. Just some points I would like to raise are.
    Even if fluoride was the greatest health miracle on the planet, shouldn’t people living in a so called democracy have a choice? If any product on the market was so great, people would realise it for themselves and flock towards it…they would not have to have it forced upon them.
    On another topic, you also may find this series of 5 free videos interesting. enjoy!

    Well done dudes
    PS. you should consider a donate button on this site to help with your expenses

  2. TheStoryUp

    I recently went to TOTT news and checked out that anti-vac excerpt from ARP #14. Me and my gf are expecting this year so you could see why this topic is very important to me and I appreciate every time you guys bring up the subject.

    Anyway my gf comes home from work today and shows me this article and I could not believe what I was reading, I’d like to say it surprised me, but nothing seems to anymore. Check it out, cheers

  3. kevin duckwiorth

    I would like to pass on my deepest thanks to all of the team at your site which I have just dicovered thanks to Peekay. Your discussions are pertinent and to the point with no bullshit added.
    In the episode “17, I found the dissertation on the jewish influence in the Nixon Govt. most enlightening, though not in the least surprising and I commend that man for his reseach and excellent presentation which should be published in as many media outlets as possible.
    Many thanks to you all and as pecial salute to Peekay, because Peekay you are not just an ordinary bloke, you sir are extraordinary and I raise my sombreo to you out of respect and admirarion to your humanity, perspication and your devilish wit and sense of humour during this time of war.
    With kind regards to you all, I follow your example here in Argentina as a ex-Brit and I mean an Ex-Brit. I have no truck with the country of my birth, nor thier politics of injustice and corruption. The UK is run by a nest of pedos and wannabee elites who portray themselves as guardians of the people but are no more than wolves looking after the sheeple. You men are the wolfhounds that could save the flock…..Cheers and all power to our collective elbows…..Kevin Duckworth (my real name)

  4. Marie Lloyd

    Hi guys.
    Love your program. A friend told my daughter yesterday that her Centre link payments were stopped because she hadn’t got her 3rd child vaccinated recently. He’s 2 1/2 and always been vaccinated. Is it true 500 Pakistan parents were jailed recently for refusing to vaccinate their children?

  5. Nym

    Bedroom tax blamed for suspected suicide of grandmother

    A grandmother who killed herself left a note in which she blamed the Government for her death.

    Just days before she died Stephanie Bottrill, 53, from in Solihull in the West Midlands, told neighbours she simply could not afford to live any more.

    Her family told the Sunday People she was tortured about how she would afford the £20 extra a week for the two under-occupied bedrooms in her home – money she owed because of the Government’s spare room subsidy policy, the so-called “bedroom tax”.

    Ahh, so much for community togetherness, eh, when all the young can do is agree with the Government making life harder for the already disadvantaged, disabled, elderly. I’ll forgive you this one time due to the fact that you were just hearing about the so-called bedroom tax And researching on the fly. But to say it was “fair enough”? Hmm. What does Lindsay say, “I’ll wait til I have more information in front of me”?

    Well here it comes …

    What would you say if I told you that the real reason behind the bedroom tax is to get these older homes off the Gov’t’s books? That’s what’s happening here. Each time a neighbour has taken up the offer the For Auction sign goes up. Hmm, how interesting. I thought they needed these homes for all those single parent families living with the high cost of private rent (which is also subsidised and completely affordable). Gov’t doesn’t want to repair these homes. They are old, flaking paint, full of asbestos!, old pipes. You get the idea.

    I happen to be a NSW Government housing tenant that has received the downsize letter, and rejected the offer. I have Crohn’s Disease (blessed are those who have no idea what that is!) and have suffered with it from the age of 25-yrs. That’s half my life to this point. During that time I have planted fruit trees and all assorted herbs and veg that assist me with avoiding pesticides and additives. I have painted my home several times (trade painter me) when in remission. I have also installed aircon/heating, polished wood floors throughout. I’ve also recently buried several dearly beloved aged pets on this Traditional quarter acre block. I can’t take any of these things with me. I’d have to start all over again. I don’t have that energy level these days, sorry.

    I’m pretty sure it was Sir Tony Robinson I heard talking about the history of land lots being of a size that enabled man to fully support himself; it was a deal done by some King or another way back when Man still knew And protested and protected his birth rights. The quarter acre block used to support a few chickens, a few kids, a few pets, a shed, a garage, lots of fresh home grown food and sunshine! And for a whole lot of People it sill does support these most basic vitals of life. My son hates mowing the yard but complains he has nowhere to refurbish his car. Too bad he lives in one of those boxes.

    The biggest message I took from Occupy Wall Street was: stay in your boxes unless you’re spending money. That’s how I saw it. The People couldn’t stand around talking or holding meetings, yet all those lined up and camped out for Bieber tix for several days were fully $upported.

    I’m pretty sure it was Sir Tony Robinson I heard talking about the history of land lots being of a size that enabled man to fully support himself; it was a deal done by some King and the People way back when Man still knew And protested and protected his birth rights. The quarter acre block used to support a few chicken, a few kids, a few pets, a shed, a garage, lots of fresh home grown food and sunshine! And for a whole lot of People it sill does support these most basic vitals of life.

    How the media prepared us to give up our land

    Keep up the great work and the study. I listen each week, tweeting out the show at the start of each new segment, but refuse to sign in to G-monster.

    Many regards,

  6. Jim

    Hi lads! Absolutely loving the ARP podcast, you guys are doing an awesome job, looking forward to joining in on the live chat for the first time this arvo, only discovered you guys this year, and have been going back through and catching up on all the previous podcasts, i’m sure you will have a field day with these latest melbourne ‘terror-raids’ “associates of Numan Haider”

    (and the predictable but quietly released follow up)

    Cheers lads, keep up the good work!

  7. Petrina

    Thanks for your show. I just wanted to mention if you are not aware that there is starting some interest in the date of 23 September 2015 for the next major false flag. the “September 23, 2015” meme is embedded in numerous popular movies [“Evan Almighty”; “Ghostbusters”; “Knowing”; “Tomorrowland”; “Deep Impact [Black President]”;”Left Behind”;”Gone Girl”;”Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”;”The Number 23”; ], TV shows [“3rd Rock from the Sun”; “LOST’; “NCIS’], toys [LEGO Dimensions (CERN)], Music [Beyonce’; Miley Cyrus] and news media memes [“Climate chaos”].
    Also the 2014 US$100 bill folds to show a nuclear attack and a tidal wave on NY. Here is a link to one site talking about it, but there are some on youtube etc. We know they like to predictive program like they did with 9/11, so maybe if enough people find out it might awaken them.

  8. Doubting Thomas

    Thank you for the Show – you need to stress in the show that it is “aus” and not “oz” – I went to latter site thinking it was here, eagerly signed up of the discussion forum and am still waiting for a response – perhaps they are fishing there or perhaps it has been abandonded? anyway – luckily revealed nothing sensitive in this process.

    Regarding the classic Illuminati truncated pyramid and crowning eye on the US Dollar Bill – Australia has it’s own modern equivalent on its lowest denomination bill – the purple $5.00 – looking ‘through’ the bill from the lizzy-lizard side (preferably with a magnifying glass) you will see her left eye atop a truncated pyramid form visible from the other side of the bill- this pyramid shape occurs as part of the floor-plan of the new parliament house (which apparently Kissinger had a hand in designing ). Pattern alignment of the front and back of the bill is very important as seen by the 7 petal transparent alignment proof indicator elsewhere on the bill. Note also the shadow under Lizzy’s left eye is even purposefully erased – in the wrong artistic direction – to allow the top of the truncated pyramid structure to appear through from behind unobstructed by her eye detail. Many masonic truncated pyramid symbols on the oz $5 note and the obvious pyramid sitting atop parliament house of the Maritime Corporation of Australia also.

  9. Pavlos

    Just wanted to say I’m a new listener and I’m very impressed by the level of knowledge and professional presentation! Even more so as I listen to more of your archives and discover that you guys aren’t afraid to speak up against the whole truth regarding ruling classes and especially about those “who’s names shall not be spoken” even with the threat of prosecution for being an anti-semite.
    I was just curious if you guys have ever heard of Miko Peled? (I’m sure you have, especially Lindsay!) but haven’t heard it on any show so far, as I’m up to the January podcasts currently. A great video presentation of him below is a video I have shared with many times with ‘Israhell’ sympathisers and has actually made them question the MSM’s stance of the Palestinian issue.
    Anyway keep up the good work your truth is spreading slowly but surely!

  10. Brad

    Hi Guys,
    I look forward to listening to the roundtable every week and it is really good to hear from some guys close to my home on the Gold Coast.
    I have been on the same page as you since about 2008 when the financial crisis hit and I started youtubing to understand that and why it happened. That let me into looking into 9/11 and then the red pill had really kicked in.
    I just wanted to let you know that I think you all are doing such great work and I hope you keep it up.

  11. AusStorm

    g’day ART, this article popped up in my news feed on facebook, now, as an amateur storm photographer this immediately sent up red flags for me, if it’s not obvious to you, and it probably will be, where are the night lights? the city glow? the volcanoes glow on clouds, the atmospheric shell? why is it just all black if “The satellite can see features down to about a third of a mile in size — twice the resolution of similar weather satellites that watch other parts of the globe.” where are the lights? i also noticed the use of the term “image” instead of “photograph” or “picture”. have a good show, see you all there


  12. Brian

    Hey guys,
    Listening to a podcast from Max Igan yesterday & the Cancer Act 1939 was mentioned. It forbade certain advertisements’ relating to treatments & guaranteed funding to the radium institute. Wondered if you knew of this & if not there is fodder for the show.

    Keep up the good work gents.
    Hey Jonno.


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