The Show

The Australian Roundtable Podcast is a Brisbane-based, independent news/analysis/discussion panel podcast which broadcast live every Sunday from 3pm AEST from October 2014 – September 2015. The show is now officially on hiatus but special episodes are still broadcast sporadically. Episodes are available to listen to live, and are also archived for later listening, at the Australian Roundtable YouTube channel. Live listeners can take part in a livechat forum at the youtube channel during broadcasts. Episodes can also be downloaded in mp3 format from the ARP’s podbean page.

The show features an eclectic panel of presenters who get together to discuss recent and topical news and current affairs from Australia and around the world. The show provides an alternative perspective to that presented by the mainstream media, and is aimed at listeners in Australia and abroad who are skeptical of the official narratives being pushed by governments and the msm – as we all ought to be.

Views presented by individual panelists and guests are not necessarily representative of the entire panel, and each presenter is solely responsible for his or her own comments and claims. The show aims to foster an environment of open discussion wherein panelists and guests can freely air their opinions and anecdotes, as is supposed to be the case in a liberal democracy.

You can contact the panelists by email: australianroundtable [shift-2] gmail [dot] com

The Panelists

Ethan Nash: With formal training in journalism, Ethan has been a member of the alternative news community for several years. To see Ethan’s individual work, check out TOTT News and follow TOTT at Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Lindsey the Silverfox: Having spent decades fighting against the lies in the corporate media, Lindsey brings a wealth of knowledge to the panel, particularly with his keen interest in the history and historiography of the 20th century. He is currently working on his own website at silverfoxnews.com.

John le Bon: A seasoned activist and media skeptic, Johnno hosts the ARP every week and makes occasional appearances on other shows within the burgeoning skeptic community. For Johnno’s other work, see his website and YouTube channel.


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The ARP is provided completely free of charge to anybody anywhere on earth who has access to the internet. The presenters give their time freely and also personally cover the (relatively small) operating costs of the website and mp3 file storage service. We have no donate button on our YouTube page or on this website. We have received a number of offers of financial support and although we greatly appreciate such gestures, we have yet to formalise any plans for paid subscriptions to our work. The easiest and most effective way to thank us for our time and effort is to simply pass the word on to friends and family that the ARP exists, and encourage them to give us a listen. In the meantime, anybody with spare bitcoin is welcome (but by no means obliged) to forward them to the following bitcoin address:


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