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Episode #29 (26-Apr-2015)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss police brutality during the latest wave of ‘anti-terrorism’ raids; The continuous bombardment of pro-vaccine propaganda by The Courier-Mail; ISIS recruiting doctors in the Middle East; University of Queensland offering free courses to combat ‘Climate Change denial'; Part 1 of John’s feature piece on the ‘Climate Change’ scam; FBI admits to fraudulent science; PayPal to assert ownership of all intellectual property; Elderly SS Sargeant put on ‘holocaust’ trial and much more.


Intro chat (incl discussion on ISIS recruiting doctors) – 2:09
Perth Now: Australian doctor joins ISIS medical team in ‘jihad’ against the west (25-Apr-2015)


1) Police brutality in recent ‘anti-terrorism raids’ – 7:23
Courier Mail page 5 : My son 19 received a ‘floggin’ says Mum’: (20-Apr-2015)
Courier Mail page 5: Alleged teen terrorist had his arm and ribs broken by officers: (20-Apr-2015)

2) Pro-vaccine propaganda in The Courier-Mail – 12:59
Courier Mail page 32: Editorial: 'Opinions are great but stop fighting vax facts.' : (24-Apr-2015)
Courier Mail page 44: Only a hard line fringe could find fault with the Federal Government's new no-jab no-pay policy-Caroline Marcus: (19-Apr-2015)

Courier Mail page 2: Flu shots free for at-risk : (20-Apr-2015
Courier Mail page 22: spear carriers from the anti-vaccination cult: (21-Apr-2015)
Courier Mail page 2: Anti-vaccination post repulsive: (23-Apr-2015
Courier Mail page 10: Vaccine deficit expose: (24-Apr-2015)
Courier Mail page12: I don’t want vax millions: (22-Apr-2015)

3) Update on ICAC High Court ruling
– 41:56
Sky News: Cases set to be invalid after ICAC ruling (24-Apr-2015)
ABC: ICAC to overturn corruption findings against Travers Duncan and other businessmen (24-Apr-2015)

4) Lawyers in Australia dodge jail time for offences – 51:27
Courier Mail page: Lawyer’s downfall due to meth use. (23-Apr-2015)

5) UQ offers free course to combat ‘Climate Change’ denial – 56:33
TOTT News: UQ offers free Co-Intel-Pro course to ‘combat’ Climate Change deniers (23-Apr-2015)


1) John’s feature piece on the ‘Climate Change’ scam (Part 1) – 1:00:22
NYT: Nations plod forward on climate change accord (13-Dec-2014)
Guardian: World set for climate disaster, say activists, as Lima talks falter (14-December-2014)
Link: Ms Tasneem Essop (last accessed 25-Apr-2015)
Link: IIED Board of Trustees (last accessed 25-Apr-2015)
ABC: Pacific islands growing, not sinking (3-June-2010)
OnlineOpinion: Tuvalu: the touchstone global warming and rising sea level (26-Nov-2010)
Telegraph: Climategate: The final nail in the coffin of AGW? (20-Nov-2009)

2) FBI admit to presenting fraudulent science in court – 1:28:47
Courier Mail page 17: Fatal flaws in FBI data: (20-Apr-2015)

3) PayPal to assert ownership over user IP rights – 1:34:48
Paul Joseph Watson: PayPal Asserts Copyright Ownership Over All Intellectual Property of its Users (24-Apr-2015)
Link: PayPal Policy Updates (see ‘Intellectual Property’)

4) Elderly SS Sergeant to be put on Holocaust trial – 1:45:45
Courier Mail page 19: The ‘bookkeeper of Auschwitz’ is finally called to account: (21-Apr-2015)

5) Israelis chant profanities at anti-African rally – 1:54:05 : Israelis Chant “N*ggers Go Home” Carrying ISIS-Style Flags At Anti-African Rally: (7-Oct-2014)

Final thoughts – 2:01:24

Episode #28 (19-Apr-2015)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss ‘Global Warming’ and the ‘threat’ to Britain’s fish and chips market; ANZAC Day ‘terror plot’ and subsequent MSM propaganda; Extra troops to be sent to Iraq 3.0 to fight ISIS; A feature piece on media misconceptions during the mandatory vaccine debate; QLD to trial medial Marijuana; An update on the Trans-Pacific Partnership; Oxford University and the destruction of our language; Germany seeking compensation for Holocaust fraud and much more.


Intro chat (incl discussion on the ‘end’ of Fish ‘n’ Chips) – 2:49
MSN: Is this the end of fish and chips? Warming seas could spell end of British classic (15-Apr-2015)
CourierMail via PressReader: Freddo Frog cut down to not-so-fun smaller size (17-Apr-2015)


1) ANZAC ‘terror plot’ and MSM coverage – 11:45
HeraldSun: Anzac Day terror plot: Raids in Melbourne’s southeast allegedly foil plan to kill police (19-Apr-2015)

2) ANZAC Day propaganda in The Courier-Mail – 20:47
Courier Mail page 26 & 27: Memories of wars march on' Terry Sweetman: (17-Apr-2015)
Courier Mail page 5: Diggers fly off to war- First troops head to Iraq: (16-Apr-2015)
Surrender of an Empire – Nesta Webster
Behind the Balfour Declaration – John Robert
Iron Curtain over America – John Beaty

3) Australia sends more troops to Iraq 3.0 – 34:48
TheAge: Australia sends 330 extra troops to Iraq, but Tony Abbott won’t rule out future Syria attacks (14-Apr-2015)

4) Feature piece on misconceptions in vaccine debate – 39:26
The Daily Telegraph: No Jab, No Pay reforms – Religious exemptions for vaccination dumped (19-Apr-2015)
NZ Herald: NZ won’t follow Australia with ‘no jab, no pay’ policy (13-Apr-2015)
Sydney Morning Herald: Millions given infected polio vaccine in Australia (22-Oct-2010)
Link: Surveillance of adverse events following immunisation, Australia by [Statistic reference] (28-Aug-2003)
Link: Misconceptions about vaccines and your rights
Link: Health, human rights and Australia’s foreign policies by Medical Journal of Australia (2004)

5) Zionist propaganda in The Courier Mail – 1:00:30
Courier Mail page 20: Drawn into Obama's Drama' by Rowan Dean: (13-Apr-2015)
Courier mail page 20: Choice is up to Individual: (16-Mar-2015)

6) Sydney Siege in the MSM (incl racism in Australia) – 1:09:43
CourierMail via PressReader: Police sniper wanted to shoot cafe siege gunman (15-Apr-2015)

7) QLD to trial medical marijuana – 1:16:48
Courier Mail: Queensland to trial medical marijuana (19-Apr-2015)

8) ICAC neutered by the High Court in NSW – 1:23:35
Sydney Morning Herald: High Court neuters the ICAC and erodes democracy (15-Apr-2015)


1) An update on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – 1:28:43
NYT: Deal Reached on Fast-Track Authority for Obama on Trade Accord (16-Apr-2015)

2) Oxford University and the destruction of language – 1:37:20
Telegraph: Oxford University Press ban use of pork-related words to avoid offending Muslims (14-Jan-2015)

3) 40% of Germans want closure on Nazi history – 1:45:18
Reuters: After 70 years, over 40% of Germans want closure on Nazi past (15-Apr-2015)

4) Germany seeking compensation for Holocaust fraud – 1:51:36
JewishDailyForward: Germany Seeks Compensation for $57M Holocaust Fraud (17-Apr-2015)

5) Israelis using Arab children on farms in West Bank – 1:58:46
CourierMail via PressReader: Farmers ‘use kid workers’ (14-Apr-2014)

Final thoughts – 2:01:28


Episode #27 (12-Apr-2015)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss the latest nonsense from NASA; Plans to introduce mandatory vaccination in Australia; Media ownership laws to be ‘reformed'; More ‘Reclaim Australia’ rallies planned; the Senate inquiry into corporate tax avoidance; Queensland Police receiving 500k in private donations per year; a feature piece on Facebook moving to control all news flow; ‘Boston Bombings’ update and much more.


Intro chat (incl discussion of latest NASA nonsense) – 2:02
DailyMail: Top NASA scientist claims we are on the verge of meeting extraterrestrials (8-Apr-2015)


1) Federal government mandates vaccinations for welfare – 7:30
News: Greens denounce a regional branch of the party… (9-Apr-2015)
Brisbane Times: Abbott government to announce anti-vaccination parents will lose benefits (11-Apr-2015)

2) Media ownership laws to be ‘reformed’ – 24:04
TheAge: Abbott to meet TV executives over changes to media ownership (12-Apr-2015)
Link: (summary of American media holdings)

3) More ‘Reclaim Australia’ rallies planned – 36:35
Courier Mail page 13: More reclaim rallies in the pipeline : (7-Apr-2015)

4) Senate inquiry into corporate tax avoidance – 41:27
CoolumNews: BHP refuses to answer Senate committee tax questions (11-Apr-2015)

5) Class action against ANZ bank – 47:07
CourierMail via PressReader: Don’t bank on action reaching High Court (9-Apr-2015)
YouTube: Michael Hoffman talks about usury (uploaded 3-Jan-2015)
TOTT News: Australian banks financing companies accused of land grabs, child labour and more (17-Jul-2014)

6) QLD police accept ‘anonymous’ donations – 56:48
ABC: Queensland Police received $475k worth of private donations in 2013-14 financial year (07-Apr-2015)

7) Coles bakery fails fresh test – 1:04:45
DailyTelegraph: Coles slammed with $2.5m fine for claiming bread baked fresh in store (10-Apr-2015)
Link: Riddle of the Jews Success by Theodor Fritsch (hosted at 4shared)


1) Facebook to control news flow – 1:12:10
NY Times: Facebook May Host News Sites’ Content (24-Mar-2015)
Australian National Review: Facebook to slowly control all news flow (29-Mar-2015)
Link: Walkley Media Discussion about influence of social media (August 2012)

2) French comedian Dieudonne sentenced for criticising Jews – 1:30:51
YouTube: French interviewer’s hypocrisy (uploaded 9-Jul-2012)
BBC: Dieudonne guilty of condoning terrorism with Charlie Hebdo comment (18-Mar-2015)
Telegraph: Who is Dieudonne the French comedian on trial for condoning Charlie Hebdo attacks (18-Mar-2015)
NewYorker: The Case of Dieudonné: A French Comedian’s Hate (10-Jan-2014)
YouTube: Dieudonne – The deported Jew (5-Jan-2010)

3) ‘Boston Bombings’ update – 1:55:35
Guardian: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev guilty of Boston Bombing and may face death penalty (9-Apr-2015)

Final thoughts – 2:00:16

Episode #26 (5-Apr-2015)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss Australian families sedating children with Phenergan; ‘Reclaim Australia’ rallies across the country; Pensions and government theft; QLD water fluoridation update; WA opposition promises to ban GMOs; MNCs rorting the Australian tax system; Shopping hours in QLD; British court ruling on BBC foreknowledge of 9/11; the dumbing down of American college graduates; Anti-Islam ads on Philadelphia buses; Indian police using drones, and much more.


Aus families sedating kids with Phenergan – 4:40
TheAge: One in 5 families admits to using sedative drugs, including Phenergan, on their children for a quieter life on road trips (5-Apr-2015)


1) ‘Reclaim Australia’ rallies across the country – 10:31
TheAge: So this is Easter: Melbourne faces off at anti-Islam rally as police on horseback hold factions apart (5-Apr-2015)

2) Pensions and government theft – 25:31
The aged pension-Larry Hannigan
Chronology of superannuation and retirement income in Australia

3) QLD water fluoridation update – 35:10
ABC: Water fluoridation: Councils to retain choice under Palaszczuk (13-Mar-2015)

4) WA state opposition promises to ban GMOs – 41:15
ABC: The Labor Party in Western Australia says the state would transition to a genetically modified free zone… (30-Mar-2015)

5) Government axes National Produce Monitoring System – 45:46
ABC: National Produce Monitoring System… axed by government (18-Mar-2015)

5) Multinational corporations rorting Australian tax system – 49:12
TheAge: Energy company’s $11 billion transfer to Singapore rings tax avoidance alarm bells (4-April-2015)
Guardian: Multinationals are avoiding billions in tax and the Coalition has no clear solution (3-Apr-2015)

6) Shopping hours in QLD – 1:04:17
CourierMail: …Curtis Pitt not open to shop trading changes (1-Apri-2015)
News: Big retailers fear new market power check (1-Apr-2015)
Haaretz: Australian Jews may top Forbes’ rich list, but 20% live on poverty line (2-Jan-2013)
Link: Riddle of the Jews Success by Theodor Fritsch (hosted at 4shared)


1) British court ruling on BBC’s foreknowledge of 9/11 – 1:20:13
GlobalResearch: BBC Foreknowledge of 9/11 Collapse of WTC Building Seven: British Man Won Law Suit against BBC for 9/11 Cover Up (10-Mar-2015)
YouTube: 9/11 Truth vs BCC (uploaded 26-Feb-2015)

2) Dumbing down of US college graduates – 1:37:29
CBS: America’s millenials: Well educated but unskilled (13-Mar-2015)

3) Anti-Islam ads on Philadelphia buses – 1:48:20
TimesOfIndia: Now, drones to be used to disperse mobs in Lucknow (3-April-2015)

4) Drones used by Indian police – 1:55:24 ‘Islamic Jew-hatred’ ads with Hitler appear on Philly buses (2-Apr-2015)

Final thoughts – 2:00:25
TheAge: Whether it’s metadata or the ‘war on drugs’, governments are not to be trusted (5-April-2015)