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Episode #25 (29-Mar-2015) [Ft. Tristan]

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay are joined by guest, Tristan, as the panel discuss superannuation and government theft; ‘Domestic violence’ in the media; Metadata laws passed by the Senate; Gov/media recruiting gamers into the military; Victorian government quotas for women; Steve Marsh and GMO crops; Australian ads ‘too white'; Lindsay’s long-awaited feature piece on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and much more.



1) Superannuation and government theft – 8:13
CourierMail: Saving plans are a better way to help people buy houses than raiding superannuation (27-Mar-2015)

2) ‘Domestic violence’ in the media – 15:32
CourierMail: Opening the courts dealing with domestic violence part of the solution (26-Mar-2015)

3) Hit-and-run trial by media – 21:48
CourierMail: Police believe Ashleigh Humphreys was killed by a driver… (25-Mar-2015)

4) Government/media recruiting gamers into the military – 27:53
CourierMail: ADF seeking next generation of soldiers on gaming review websites (24-Mar-2015)

5) Metadata laws passed by the Senate – 37:16
CourierMail via PressReader: Senate lets new data law through (27-Mar-2015)

6) Victorian government sets quotas for women – 52:08
TheAge: Legal, board posts to go to women, ALP to begin direct elections for state leader (28-Mar-2015)

7) Steve Marsh and GMO crops – 1:04:25
ABC: GM damages decision in court as organic farmer Steve Marsh launches appeal (27-Mar-2015)

8) Australian ads ‘too white’ – 1:14:05
Fairfax: Why are Australian ads so white? (26-Mar-2015)


1) Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion – 1:27:42 Henry H Klein (last accessed 29-Mar-2015) Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (last accessed 29-Mar-2015)

Final thoughts – 1:56:44

Episode #24 (22-Mar-2015)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay take an in-depth look at Metadata legislation (what it is, the dangers, and the path to come); Abbott’s recent comments in the media (including freedom of speech analysis); On-the-spot fingerprinting coming to South Australia; Brisbane City Council’s executive bonuses; Research suggesting low confidence in media and government; An Israeli wanting to ‘nuke’ Germany, the ‘Anti Defamation League’ and much more.


Opening chitchat – 3:00
‘Jihadi Jake’ is back! (incl discussion on ISIS) – 4:17


1) Tony Abbott rejects Metadata concerns – 11:20
CourierMail via PressReader: PM rejects metadata concerns (19-Mar-2015)

2) Abbott’s recent comments on Goebbels (incl discussion of destruction of language) – 20:39
News: Tony Abbott sparks furore after linking Bill Shorten with Dr Joseph Goebbels in Nazi slur (19-Mar-2015)

3) In-depth feature piece on Metadata – 24:35
SMH: Tony Abbott proves he’s the new Einstein: Metadata bends time (19-Mar-2015)
Yahoo7: Data retention: What is metadata and how will it be defined by new Australia laws? (17-Mar-2015)
TOTT News: Australia – Descending Into Darkness (6-Oct-2014)
DailyTelegraph: Data retention laws pass after last minute concessions protect journalist (19-Mar-2015)
TOTT News: George Brandis says bloggers won’t be covered by Metadata amendments (18-Mar-2015)

4) Abbott’s comments on remote Indigenous communities – 51:52
TheAustralian: Remote communities a lifestyle choice: Tony Abbott (11-Mar-2015)
CourrierMail: If you can’t sacrifice your spiritual connection to the land, who should pay to keep you there? (16-Mar-2015)

5) South Australia to roll out on-the-spot fingerprinting – 1:00:54
TOTT News: South Australia set to expand police fingerprinting powers, forced blood tests (20-Mar-2015)

6) Father dies after road rage incident – 1:10:12
CourierMail: Dad dead after road rage fight… (20-Mar-2015)

7) Queensland City Council executive bonuses – 1:17:04
CourierMail: Opposition slams $2.4m in bonuses for Brisbane City Council (19-Mar-2015)


1) South African penis transplant? – 1:22:43
BBC: South Africans perform first ‘successful’ penis transplant (13-Mar-2015)

2) Research suggests confidence low in media and government – 1:29:55
SaltLakeTribune: Major survey finds record low confidence in government, news media (11-Mar-2015)

3) Israeli wants to nuke Germany – 1:36:55
TimesOfIsrael: Op-Ed calls on Israel to nuke Germany, Iran (11-Mar-2015)

4) ‘Anti-Defamation’ League and ‘white supremacy’ (incl discussion about race and sovereignty) – 1:42:25
ADL: White supremacists target two anti-racist intellectuals (18-Mar-2015)
Link: Kyle Hunt interviews Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio (27-July-2014)
Link: Kyle Hunt interviews Payday Monsanto (22-Feb-2015)

Final thoughts – 1:54:16

Episode #23 (15-Mar-2015)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss the latest on ‘national security’ legislation; QLD G20 police powers extended; more ISIS boogeyman propaganda; judicial oversight in QLD; corporate media and big pharma propaganda; corporate media and vaccination propaganda; Joe Hockey on aged pensions; foreign takeover of Australian resources; the anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s death; free speech and Judaism; and much more.


Opening discussion – 3:00


1) National security legislation update – 9:49
Sydney Morning Herald: Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s full national security statement (23-Feb-2015)

2) QLD G20 police powers extended – 20:00
Brisbane Times: Queensland’s Crime and Corruption Commission to review G20 laws (11-Mar-2015)

3) More ISIS boogeyman propaganda – 30:51
TheAge: Islamic State’s mock executions: Why the victims in the beheading videos look so calm (12-Mar-2015)

4) Judicial oversight in QLD – 39:02
CourierMail (via PressReader): Transparency of highest order found in judiciary (11-Mar-2015)

5) Corporate media and big pharma propaganda – 48:18
CourierMail: Alternative medicines, their peddlers and their claims, should be subject to a Royal Commission (13-Mar-2015)

6) Corporate media and vaccination propaganda – 52:30
Brisbane Times: Unvaccinated children in QLD could be rejected by childcare centres under planned law (12-Mar-2015) Big win for No Jab, No Play as NSW state cabinet approves tough new vaccination laws (29-May-2013)

7) Joe hockey on aged pensions – 1:03:07
CourierMail: Treasurer Joe Hockey issues call to arms for grey army to delay their retirement (5-Mar-2015)

8) Foreign takeover of Australian resources – 1:10:33
TheAge: Historic Victorian farms near Bendigo bought by Chinese buyers (10-Mar-2015)
TheAustralian: Chinese snap up 50 dairy farms (16-Oct-2014)
ABC: Don’t worry, Australia was built on foreign investment (24-Nov-2015)


1) Anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s death – 1:24:57
Link: Israel, we won’t forget Rachel (3-Apr-2003)

2) Free speech and Judaism – 1:30:05
DavidDuke: Emergency alert – my youtube videos taken down (9-Mar-2015)
SMH: Jewish leaders demand Islamic Hizb ut-Tahrir teacher be sued for anti-Semitic hate speech (9-Mar-2015)
TimesofIsrael: Can the Jews survive free speech? (11-Mar-2015)
Link: Canadian Association for Free Expression (article dated 3-Mar-2015)
Haaretz: German ex-lawyer jailed for Holocaust denial – again (25-Feb-2015)
Link: Seudostschweiz article on Stolz’s imprisonment (in German) (17-Jan-2013)

Final thoughts – 1:58:12

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Dirty Laundry hosted by Junelle Mary (Saturday 6pm Eastern US)

Episode #22 (8-Mar-2015)

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss Tasmania’s ban on fracking; Vaccination information; Victoria’s Ministry of Truth and marijuana; James Packer’s ties to Netanyahu and Israel; Netanyahu’s speech to the US Congress and Zionism; Smart Meters in Canada; the latest on the Boston Bombings; New Zealand spying on neighbours; and much more.



1) Tasmania bans fracking – 3:54
ABC: Fracking banned for five years by Tasmanian Government (26-Feb-2015)
NYT: Gov. Cuomo Makes Sense on Fracking (17-Dec-2014)

2) Baby boy in hospital following vaccines – 9:23
Morning Bulletin: Baby boy in hospital after vaccinations (12-Feb-15)
Morning Bulletin: Anti-vaxxers needle mum after baby hospitalised (7-Mar-2015)

3) Victorian Ministry of Truth and marijuana – 25:16
TheAge: Victoria police estimate ‘hydro’ a $1.5 billion drug industry (28-Feb-2015)

4) James Packer’s ties to Netanyahu and Israel – 38:31
DailyTelegraph: Billionaire James Packer hangs with Israeli power players for Netanyahu’s US speech (5-Mar-2015)


1) Netanyahu’s speech to US Congress, and Zionism – 45:44
CourierMail (via PressReader): Israelis wrong on Iran: Obama (4-Mar-2015)
HuffPo: Netanyahu In 2001: ‘America Is A Thing You Can Move Very Easily’ (16-Jul-2010)
Times of Israel: 5 of Ovadia Yosef’s most controversial quotations (9-Oct-2013)

2) Smart meters in Canada – 1:15:01
CBC: Quebec City firefighters ask Hydro-Québec to leave smart meters alone (5-Mar-2015) Manufacturer defends smart meters after fires (3-Aug-2014)

3) Boston Bombing update – 1:27:02
CourierMail (via PressReader): He targeted kids (6-Mar-2015)

4) New Zealand spying on neighbours – 1:34:58
NZHerald: Snowden GCSB revelations / Russel Norman says GCSB ‘breaking the law’ (5-Mar-2015)

Mailbag – 1:45:13
Final thoughts – 1:53:57

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Wolf Warrior Radio‘s Aletheia Kalon (Friday 7pm US Eastern)

Episode #21 (1-Mar-2015) [Ft. Tristan]

In this very special ’21st Episode Birthday Party’ edition of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay are joined by guest Tristan to discuss a range of domestic and international news and information. Topics this week include the Courier Mail’s coverage of vaccines and eugenics; Monarchy and the legality of Australian government; Fluoride in the news; The UN’s admission of Israeli support for Syrian terrorists; War (a feature piece from Lindsay); Organisational infiltration, and much more.


‘Jihadi John’ unmasked – 5:27
DailyMail: ‘I’m a dead man walking': Jihadi John… (1-Mar-2015)


1) Courier Mail on vaccines and Stephen Hawking – 11:12
CourierMail: Hospital emergency staff to target unvaccinated children in bid to attain ‘herd immunity’ (28-Feb-2015)
HeraldSun: New Gardasil vaccine a giant leap forward in fight against cancer (27-Feb-2015)
CourierMail: Hawking in plea for human empathy (20-Feb-2015)

2) Monarchy and the legality of Australian government
Referendum dates and results
Quick and Garran Annotated Constitution

3) Fluoride in the news – 43:38
SMH: Studies linking fluoride in water to health issues prompt Australian review (25-Feb-2015)


1) UN on Israel’s support of Syrian terrorists – 57:03
Haaretz: UN reveals Israeli links with Syrian rebels (7-Dec-2014)
CNN via YouTube: Wesley Clark: ‘Our friends and allies funded ISIS’ (video published 24-Feb-2015)
CNN via YouTube: Hillary Clinton: ‘We created Al-Qaeda’ (video published 27-Dec-2011)

2) The war we are in right now [Lindsay’s feature piece] – 1:12:15
The Art of War, by Sun Tzu
On War, by Carl von Clausewitz
Unconditional hatred-Grenfell

3) Organisational infiltration – 1:32:26
Against our better judgment-Weir
The Culture of Critique – Kevin Macdonald
The Octopus – Dilling Elizabeth

Final thoughts – 1:47:17