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Episode #16 (25-Jan-2015) [Ft. Jeff C]

In this special 2-hour episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan and Johnno are rejoined by Lindsay and welcome special guest Jeff C from FreeRadioRevolution. Topics discussed include censorship and criminalisation of opinion in Australia (specifically with regards to the cases of Brendan O’Connell, Fredrick Toben, and Mike Carlton); the hypocritical destruction of ‘freedom of expression’ in the West and general internet censorship.


Reintroducing Lindsay the Silverfox – 3:19
Introducing Jeff C of FreeRadioRevolution – 8:57


1) Censorship and criminalisation of opinion in Australia – 25:00

- Exhibit A: Brendan O’Connell – 25:38
Yahoo7: Video rants an echo of pre-war Europe (7-Feb-2011)
YouTube: Video that led to arrest of Brendan O’Connell (uploaded 2012)

- Exhibit B: Fredrick Toben – 41:50
SMH: Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben backs George Brandis’ plans for discrimination laws (13-May-2014)
JewishNews: Toben grounded (19-Oct-2012)
ABC: Written apology over holocaust denial (28-Apr-2009)

- Exhibit C: Mike Carlton – 57:55
SMH: Israel’s rank and rotten fruit is being called fascism (26-July-2014)
SMH: Press council adjudication (17-Jan-2015)
Link: Australian Press Council ‘About’ page
DailyMail: Sydney newspaper apologises for ‘anti-Semitic’ cartoon (4-Aug-2014)

- A Jewish perspective (Paul Eisen) – 1:10:19
Link: Payback is a bitch by Paul Eisen (14-July-2014)
Link: Why I call myself a holocaust denier by Paul Eisen (5-Dec-2012)

2) Internet censorship and YouTube; Zeekly an alternative? – 1:26:18

– Jeff’s experience
– 1:27:19
FreeRadioRevolution: FRR1 terminated by google! Daily attacks! (1-Jan-2015)

- ZeeklyTV an alternative? – 1:41:48
Link: ZeeklyTV
Link: Max Resistance Roundtable episode ft. Jeffrey Sisk (23-Dec-2014)

- YouTube fudging the figures – 1:48:18
TruthMedia (aka RedPillRevolution): OMG!!! HERE COMES THE NEXT BIN LADEN! BAGHDADI! (12-Jun-2014)

Final thoughts – 1:53:59

Episode #15 (18-Jan-2015) [Ft. Zac A]

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan and Johnno are joined by guest, Zac A, as the trio discuss further updates on ISIS and the ‘Sydney Siege'; a continued campaign from the Australian government and media concerning religious-based extremism/increased surveillance; tax-payer funded propaganda regarding higher education ‘reforms'; the Swiss National Bank’s sudden de-peg from the Euro; sourcing legitimate information, and much more.


ISIS update – 3:39


1) Sydney Siege update (MSM criticises police CoC) – 7:22
[TBU – John le Bon]

2) Government ‘terror’ propaganda about Muslim ‘extremism’ – 15:38
The Guardian: The role of Islam in radicalisation is grossly overestimated (14-Jan-2015)
Sydney Morning Herald: George Brandis still struggling with metadata (12-Jan-2015)

3) Feedback from listeners in the live chat – 36:16

4) Taxpayer-funded propaganda regarding higher education ‘reforms’ – 44:44
[TBU – John le Bon]


1) Swiss National Bank de-pegs from Euro – 1:03:10
[TBU – John le Bon]

2) Sourcing legitimate information – 1:20:29

Final thoughts – 1:29:53

Episode #14 (11-Jan-2015) [Ft. Zac A]

In this special 2-hour episode of the Australian Roundtable, Ethan and Johnno are joined by special guest guest, Zac, as the trio discuss: Adam Koessler’s recent arrest for the use of medicinal cannabis to treat his child; ‘Sydney Siege’ update (‘hostage shot by police’); more ‘terror raids’ in Australia (minus the terrorists); attempts to ban anti-vacc speaker from Australian shores; broad discussion on the Paris Event incl Aus MSM coverage thereof, evidence that the event was staged, and ‘qui bono’ – who benefits?


Introducing Zac A – 3:11


1) Adam Koessler’s arrest for using medical cannabis – 9:03
NDLeader: Man charged for treating child with cannabis oil (8-Jan-2015)

2) ‘Sydney Siege’ update (‘hostage shot by police’) – 16:59
News: Sydney Siege: Katrina Dawson was killed by gunman’s bullets: report (18-Dec-2014)
TheAge: Martin Place siege victim Katrina Dawson struck by a police bullet, investigations show (10-Jan-2015)
TOTT News: Destruction of the Sydney Siege narrative (clip from ARP Ep #13; 4-Jan-2015)

3) More ‘terror raids’ in Australia (minus the terrorists) – 29:26
SMH: ‘The delicate balance between freedom and security may have to shift': Abbott (22-Sep-2015)
Yahoo7: No bail bid after Sydney anti-terror raid (10-Jan-2015)
DailyTelegraph: Omar Ammouche and Jibryl Almaouie in custody after anti-terror raids in Sydney’s west (10-Jan-2015)

4) Attempts to ban anti-vacc speaker from Australian shores – 41:24
DailyTelegraph: Pro-vacc lobby fight to stop anti-vacc campaigner Sherri Tenpenny lecturing in Australia (4-Jan-2015)
YouTube: The Project segment on Dr Tenpenny (6-Jan-2015)

5) Australian MSM coverage of Paris Event – 1:05:11
The Age: New norm of terror no one ever gets used to as terrorism stakes its claim on our lives (10-Jan-2015)
9News: New Australian anti-terror laws vital in fighting Paris-style attacks: Brandis (10-Jan-2015)


1) Overview of evidence that Paris Event was staged – 1:15:54
Liveleak: ‘Terrorists shoot officer…’ (event occurred 7-Jan-2015)
Sky: Flowers mark the spot where police officer was gunned down (8-Jan-2015)

2) Paris Event: Qui Bono? – 1:27:32
AFP via BusinessInsider: Netanyahu warns of ‘grave mistake’ if France recognises Palestine (23-Nov-2014)
Guardian: US and Israeli intervention led UN to reject Palestinian resolution (31-Dec-2014)
Jpost: Netanyahu lauds US, Australia for efforts to reject Palestinian UN bid (31-Dec-2014)
Guardian: Palestine to become member of International Criminal Court (8-Jan-2015)
Australian: Paris terror attacks: Netanyahu invites French Jews to immigrate (11-Jan-2015)
TimesofIsrael: French president vows to fight anti-semitism, racism in 2015 (1-Jan-2015)
GlobalResearch: ‘Greater Israel': The Zionist plan for the Middle East (13-June-2014)

Final thoughts – 1:54:00

Episode #13 (4-Jan-2015) [Ft. Tim O’Hare]

In this episode of the Australian Roundtable, Ethan and Johnno are joined by special guest, Tim O’Hare from Politics Laid Bare w/ Tim O’Hare, as the trio discuss Kaley Cuoco’s comments about feminism; George Brandis’ $1,100 dinner in London; wrap up the ARP’s extensive analysis of the ‘Sydney Siege'; and review the 2014 Golden Sheeples. Sub-segments on the ‘Siege’ include: Recap of previous episodes; Ongoing media media fear campaign; Final destruction of the ‘sniper’ official story; Gov/MSM agenda for 2015 and beyond.


Introducing Tim O – 3:11

Intro chat about Kaley Cuoco’s comments on feminism – 10:59
CourierMail: Kaley Cuoco: Why I’m not a feminist (1-Jan-2015)


2) George Brandis’ $1100 dinners – 18:39
The Guardian: George Brandis criticised for ‘obscene’ $1100 taxpayer-funded dinner (29-Dec-2014)


1) Recap of previous episodes – 26:18

2) Recent media coverage – 34:00
Link: Recent photo of designer clothes-wearing ‘Monis’ (precise date unknown)
Link: Font page of Herald Sun ‘NO LONE WOLF’ (2-Jan-2015)
Link: Pages 4-5 of ‘NO LONE WOLF’ edition of Herald Sun (2-Jan-2015)
Robert Lindsay: Wikipedia, Ziopedia or Judeopedia? (4-June-2009)

3) Final destruction of the ‘sniper’ official story – 43:20
Link: Effects of commercial tempered glass on rifle bullet deflection by Henri C Lambert (August 1994)
Yahoo7: The reason the snipers didn’t shoot (17-Dec-2014)
2GB: Ray Hadley interview with Andrew Scipione (20-Dec-2014)

4) Gov/MSM agenda for 2015 and beyond – 1:09:14


1) Review of the 2014 Golden Sheeples – 1:25:44
WDIL: Golden Sheeples Awards New Year Bash (31-Dec-2014/1-Jan-2015)

Final thoughts – 1:27:16