Welcome to AusRoundtable.com, the home website of the Australian Roundtable Podcast.

The ARP is a Brisbane-based, independent news/analysis/discussion panel podcast which was broadcast live every Sunday from 3pm local time. After one full year of weekly broadcasts, the ARP went on hiatus following the Season One finale on September 20, 2015. For now this site will serve as an archive of all 50 official episodes (plus the three Brisbane G20 specials) which were broadcast from October 2014 to September 2015.

Every episode is assigned its own individual post on this site to provide further information and relevant links. Episodes are archived at the ARP YouTube channel and the ARP Podbean page, where you can download episodes in mp3 format and subscribe to the RSS feed. You can also listen to the show on the ARP iTunes page (search ‘Australian Roundtable’).

See the Episodes page for the complete archive of ARP episodes including brief descriptions of the topics covered for each show. Check the G20 Specials page for links to ARP’s on-the-ground coverage of the Brisbane G20 Summit 2014.

For more information about the show and its hosts see the About page, and you are welcome to leave feedback on the Comments page. We hope you enjoy the show, share it with friends and family, and we thank you for visiting the site.